Naomi in a Kini

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Crazo Naomi Campbell was vacationing in Ibiza this week with ‘friends’. We use that term loosely, as this broad has probably cussed out every last person on that boat at least twice. SMH.

A couple more under the hood…

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    she always dating ugly old white men

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  • Re asks...Who Is Responsible For The Atrocity That is Belly 2?

    Seein’ a little dark cloud around that belly button…scrub harder…

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    Oh Na Na, well at least she looks happy now!


    i’ll trade places with naomi. what a life!

  • Aunt Viv

    That color looks great on Black people.

  • Jah Jah PSON

    I agree, her belly button looks filthy



  • cutie pie*kindly putting people on blast est.1985*

    naomi sure knows how to vacation..she’s on a vacation like every week!

  • VerbalKinte

    good morning..

  • The( Delicious ♥ ) Ms. Sugar Walls

    naomi sure knows how to vacation..she’s on a vacation like every week!

    damn straight..I want her to adopt me!!


    She looks nice! She has a nice body! She’s just crazy!

  • BeReal

    Looks good as usual but I am with the voice of reason why is this news. she is always on vacation, she has a commercial with a bathing suit so we know she looks good at 38

  • Moreaces

    I love the suit, and Crazy Naomi, does look good for her age.

  • Black Beauty

    I am glad to see that she is looking relaxed. She has busted her ass for years, I am glad that she is taking it easy. Looks like she is not letting her rich white man out of her sight, get it girl.

  • chloe

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  • Black Beauty

    Who in the hell looks hard enough at a picture to notice dirt in someone’s belly button? Sorry, but I am not staring that hard. I am sure that she is a very clean person. Good grief, some people are such haters that they have got to find something wrong with everybody. I am glad that I am not like that. Go Naomi, with your rich, billion dollar boyfriend, supermodel, dirty belly button having ass. LMMFAO

  • FrenchChocolate

    Nice Swirl! Go Naomi

  • Re asks...Who Is Responsible For The Atrocity That is Belly 2?

    Aw, who knows if her belly is dirty. And if you wanted to check your eyesight would have to be 40/20, but that still wouldn’t allow you to really get in there.

    Her body is great, and its noticeable, but so what if people notice there’s a dark cloud around her belly button? Does that mean we think she’s ugly? Does that mean we are “HATING,” as some people just LOVE to say?

    Naw, I make fun of my sister for her dark knees, and she teases me all the same for my skinny elbows, but does that mean we don’t have mutual respect for one another.

    The point is, Naomi is successful, and I’m in support of it. She’s very naturally pretty, and has a very nice complexion. But, she has a dark cloud around her belly button. And that’s that.

  • Dark&Lovely

    @Black Beauty

    I agree with you. Haters or shall I say people with no life, always have to find something negative to say.Naomi has it going on, she’s worth probably over a billion dollars, do they really think her belly button is dirty.Naomi probably pay people to bathe her!!!!!!!!!

  • Tealeaf

    She looks okay, the color of the suit is pretty, the white man is the same, Billionaire she was with at Mandela Birthday..I think he is attractive, to be a older Billionaire..Naomi been on vacation for the longest..

  • Re asks...Who Is Responsible For The Atrocity That is Belly 2?

    You know who the people are with no identity and no life? When they get offended when a celebrity is teased. TEASED, that’s the magic word here. What is wrong, that people notice her belly button? SERIOUSLY. Why can we like Naomi Campbell, and STILL tease her about whatever we want to? Acting like you’ve never made teased your mom or dad, or a friend of yours…puh-lease.

  • so much to say (always late to the game...oh well...

    It’s funny in here.

    I love Naomi

  • jai

    Damn Na-Na has been yachting all summer!!!! Must be nice.

  • iloveyou

    I LOVE NAOMI! Can you imagine how much fun it is to hang out with her? she’s beautiful and rich and 6 feet tall and she likes to fight. That sounds like all you need for a great night out. and she is supposedly very loyal to her friends.


    She looks good but her feet are f—-d up .look at her feet in the fourth picture.

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