*Bossip Exclusive*: Lance Gross On Getting Back With Eva… NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!!!

- By Bossip Staff

When Bossip heard that Lance Gross and Eva Pigford called it quits, we had to hit him up and see what was the real reason for their break-up. Last Friday night, we had the chance to chop it up with Lance and all his chocolateness…

Pop the Top for This Exclusive Interview:

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  • I Said It, That Settles It!

    Beautiful picture of Lance….mmmm mmm mmmm

  • TKNY 130

    yummy in the morning! Thanks!

  • anewme

    ^^^yes it is! Whew, that made my day, and will now make my screensaver!

  • nia

    I don’t see the hype. He’s okay to look at, not all that..

  • BBBEE25

    I actually liked Eva and Lance together. Made a cute couple. He is a chocolate brotha, gotta love it.

  • Almost Famous

    can’t believe they broke up still.

  • Natalie's_Chin


  • angeleyedqt

    I liked Eva but you can’t stop destiny…Lance I’m here for yea baby:)

  • Interlude

    I’m sooo… HAPPY(: This is one fine azz brother, bro, brotha and so on and so forth. What ever you want or need to call him—just don’t call him UGLY. Who is his momma and daddeh? I’m jus tgone thank the LORD. THANK YOU JESUS!

  • Thumbody


  • Interlude


  • Lil Mama C4 says Give it to me baby like BOOM BOOM BOOM

    OMG did he say Midnight in Coldest Winter Ever?? I just fell more in love…

  • bitohoney

    If you look closely, you see some T. Perry between his teeth. He and Eva were only doing photo ops these past two years and there was never any intention of a marriage. Who you know that’s soooooooo much in love and both people walk away like that? The contract was up, Lance is back to being T’s possession. House of Payne, indeed.

  • Jenny

    Lance looks like he needs his face sat upon. The sooner the better.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 9 Days. Bossip is like a bad accident...I cannot look away!!!

    Looking and sounding really good.

    I love the chocolaty goodness

  • Mila

    I wish that was my hand in the top pic. Mmmm

  • Mock Rock Star

    I guess to each their own

  • http://insideblackhollywood.com/2010/04/07/eve-on-nicki-minaj-lance-gross-talks-eva/ Eve On Nicki Minaj + Lance Gross Talks Eva « INSIDE BLACK HOLLYWOOD MAGAZINE - BLACK CELEBRITY GOSSIP, INTERVIEWS, MOVIES, MUSIC, FASHION AND MORE…INSIDE BLACK HOLLYWOOD

    […] Lance Gross talks about his breakup with Eva HERE […]

  • http://Bossip I'll Say It...

    I never believe they were together in the first place. I always thought their relationship was all a publicity stunt. I never believe that they were a couple and if they would have gotten married it would have been taking the publicity stunt waaay too far. That’s why I believe they called it off. In Hollywood world, it seems to me that they do things different then us that live in the other states. They don’t love to love they love for a purpose or to get ahead in their career which is not as common as in other states depending on your profession. Plus in the entertainment industry it’s a lot different. It seems to be that once you’re in LA; you become this pretentious person. Nothing is real anymore. Can you imagine, you’re a man or woman dating Lance. Then his publicist tells him he has to date Eva for EX amount of time to get and her name out there. Then Lance comes home and tells you the news. He says it’s only going to be for a few months honey. I’ll still come home to be with you every night. That is the type of crap that goes on and it’s sick but hey they do what they have to do. Sick, if you ask me but hey it’s the truth!

  • Silent Swagg

    Lance looks soo…YUMMY!

  • Vanessa

    @ Mrs. Rance:

    I agree. Lance is no Midnight. I’d rather Idris Elba for the part.

  • Uggg

    He’s Gay!!!

  • Swaggy Lady


  • ThatBKChick

    OMG….Lance….YES…. as Midnight the “Coldest Winter Ever” would be perfect for Lance….It’s a shame Christina Milan is too old to play Winter Santiago……someone like her would have to play Winter…You go Lance boy!!!!!

    I am reading “Midnight” now!!!!

  • Zulu Chili

    He is average at best both in looks and acting skills..fail to see what all the hype is about.

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