Boooo!!! Kerry Rhodes Is Seeking To Soak Up Some Already Famous Cakes

- By Bossip Staff

Kerry Rhodes is looking for some lovin ladies, but too bad for the regular jawns, because he’s seeking some Kim Kardashian-esque “in the spotlight” poo:

Arizona Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes has it all – except for a lady on the sidelines. But not so fast, femmes: The former Jet says nonfamous girls need not apply. “It’s hard to date someone who isn’t living my lifestyle – they don’t understand what comes with the job,” he said at the A.E.R. cancer fund-raiser at 320 Studios on Saturday night. It seems like Rhodes may just have someone in mind.

“Having a girlfriend in the spotlight, like Reggie Bush did with [ex-girlfriend] Kim Kardashian, would actually be a pretty ideal situation for me,” the baller said with a smirk.

In other words, he wouldn’t mind having an attention whore for a girlfriend. SMH. He knows he would beat that thang up in a heartbeat if given the chance.


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  • I Said It, That Settles It!

    Ummm, why is his lip gloss poppin?????

  • AlekWekJunkie

    Who ever he chooses, we know she’ll be non-black.

  • Thumbody


  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    You know Kim will be all over dat cat. HES BLACK!!

  • BBBEE25

    Okay, well he’s being realistic.

  • Nosey!

    He is fine, I must admit I have talked to an NFLer or 2 in my day and if they want to be famous they really have to be seen with someone who is out there…plus they are great for woman who have their own money because it feels more equal then the pretty hood chick who only wants jordans and a Coach bag! Being fine and having a toned body isn’t enough.

  • Shereezy

    Well Well Well…i went to college with Kerry and he knows like we all knew: Kerry is gay as hell. Plus I remember when he was pushing that broke down gray Acura and now he need a famous chic? PU-LEAZE…LOL

  • Shereezy

    His shine should come from his own skills and not someone else’s fame!!

  • Soothsayer

    Man, when Kerry Rhodes went to the University of Louisville, he displayed behavior that confused others about his preferences… maybe there is a reason he don’t a have a woman and its not for lack of attention… maybe he don’t want a woman, period.

  • Silly blacks, Cr_ckers are for pigs.

    Blacks in America are heading to a Brazil like society. We will breed ourselves out if this “swirling” bullshyt continues.

    The blacks in the UK are already heading down that path. Black people are so ridiculous, that care more about “pretty babies” then they care about the survival of their people.

    W/e I can’t control what other people choose to do at the end of the day. I can only control my own actions.

    Black women are my ideal women.

    Kim kardasian and her fake plastic azz has some of these dudes twisted. She is not even attractive anyway, kourtney looks 100 times better but that is another topic.

  • mz.cee

    Yea, yea with he’s gay azz!

  • ObamaFan

    I am disappointed he is a fudgepacker…

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 9 Days. Bossip is like a bad accident...I cannot look away!!!


    In other words this nucca wants a lady that will ACCEPT HIM DOING HIM (I.E. CHEATING).

    F*ck outta here. No one wants your ugly azz anyway!

    And I could believe the people that say he might be into men.

    Uh Kerry, HOW YOU DOIN’?

  • star


  • FiveStar

    Duh… you idiot. You should want to be with a real woman…that doesn’t need to spend $5000/a day shopping. I’m good with a pedicure and dinner, LOL

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 9 Days. Bossip is like a bad accident...I cannot look away!!!

    Oh let me rephrase, because I don’t have time to knock back people who think I am hatin,

    His Body is SICK

    Face (to me) not at all.

  • ms truth

    kerry is looking to reap the benefits of the fame that kk would bring to his brand. he would only use her and leave her when his profile has become larger. men will not marry kk. she ruined her image after that tape and now she needs to find a no one to get married.

  • nikki

    Umm is this a joke… He don’t want kim he wants Rob K hello he is a down low brotha ppl!!

  • Shereezy

    @Soothsayer… speak the truth

    Furthermore…what Kerry is saying is that he wants a women that will put up with him cheating (male or female)

  • ****JUDY***

    First Kayne and now Kerry? Kim is trying her damndest to stay relevant through a black man. Who leaked this story? Kim…lol!

  • dolodave

    uhhhhh. kerry wants reggie, not kim.

  • ****JUDY***

    LOl! Why is everybody calling Kerry gay? What did I miss? He is fine as hell tho.

  • tessa

    Who? Well anyways losers like him like to date famous women because gay guys love being in the spotlight.



  • Tone

    “Being fine and having a toned body isn’t enough.”

    Worked for Kim K.

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