Tyler Perry Is Not Sure If Being With Women Monogamy Is For Him…

- By Bossip Staff

Tyler Perry has finally abandoned the Ricky Martin approach of not talking about his love life:

Movie mogul TYLER PERRY is doubtful he’ll ever leave behind his bachelor life and settle down with one woman, because he’s “not sure” he wants to be faithful.
The Madea Goes to Jail filmmaker has managed to juggle a handful of serious relationships with his busy career but Tyler admits he’s afraid of commitment and is enjoying living on his own.

He tells the New York Post, “I now have homes all over. L.A., Atlanta where I grew up, New York. But I live alone. In all my adult life I’ve had five serious relationships with women. And I’m not sure monogamy is for me.”

Yeah, right.


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  • http://bossip Cory's Girl

    At least he is being honest and not getn married and still sleepn wit men. I ain’t mad at cha tyler!!!

  • Charisma Rmani

    That is easier than just coming out:0)

  • 2dimplzs

    Tyler isn’t sure which team he wants to play for. I’m sorry but my gaydar won’t stop blaring when I see him!!!!

  • haha

    he’s strictly dic*kly

  • d

    So I am not the only one who thinks this. lol


    the gay man face

  • bkbaybee

    how can u be as christian as tyler perry and say something like that..seriously? yea hes proven he really is gay. nothing wrong with it tho. i ❤ gays!!

  • ThatBKChick

    OK….Tyler….whatever you say. It would be nice to see you with female companions a lot more than what you are saying….how can someone high profile as you, is hardly seen in the media with women?

    Release Madea….I honestly think Madea is his alter ego that he is battling with his sexuality…I could be wrong here…but prove it to yourself Tyler, not to the world.

  • I heart Tyler

    Tyler discovered new talent from youtube, check them out at accessindie com /wordpress, thought-provoking topics

  • rain

    FIRST HIS GOING TO HAVE KIDS by a surrogate ,than he’s gonna come out

  • Vanessa

    Is is just me or does he look like a molester in this photo?

  • Yes Indeed

    just come out of the closet, you’ll feel better about yourself and won’t have to waste so much energy covering it up

  • http://www.worldwidewaddie.com Waddie G.

    poor Tyler…I wouldn’t even opened my mouth about that if I were him.

  • Mr.GQ

    Stupid illuminati Freemason, friend of New Age Oprah masquerading as a christian. How can u be a Christian and talking monogamy is not for you..

  • Penfold

    He is playing for both teams. It’s better that he stays single…easier to live that double life.

  • Candid Canuck

    in my life ive had FIVE serious relationships with women? that right there should tell yall he peeking out the closet.

    It’s ok Ty-Ty. Come out. No one will hurt you. Relax. Nice and easy now.

  • Candid Canuck

    lmao@ at the gay smirk in the pic above too..

  • tessa

    The woman in the photo with him is very beautiful and I’ll bet he pays her well to work as his beard.

  • aleximaq

    Hmmmmm…ok…whatev…my best friend is a gay man….course he is my brother…so I know Tyler is lying…plus didn’t he just hire that super gay looking dude from the old spice commercials to be in his next film “for colored girls”? Anywho…Tyler I love your testimony, what God has done for you and what He is allowing you to do for others….I COULD NOT CARE LESS ABOUT YOU BEING GAY OR NOT……

  • CinnamonStix

    My gaydar is going off like a fire alarm!

  • glok9makesmydiksohard

    Why don’t Tyler and Glok come out of the closet already? Geesh!

  • Glok..I spit it so eloquently,..My pistols represent me!


  • BigD

    Gay or not, at least he’s honest and not a dog like the rest of the idiots.

  • velvetlily

    I respect his position. Marriage isn’t for everyone and at least he knows it isn’t for him.

  • tessa

    I think Tyler Perry and Kerry Rhodes would be a match made in heaven. Kerry can have him a man in the Spotlight like he wants and he would receive more fame than he could ever wish for. And they he and tyler can marry and kerry can become Kerry Perry?

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