Jon Gosselin And His Lil Wee Wee Are Trying To Get Out Of Paying Child Support For All Them Damn Kids

- By Bossip Staff

This guy is a straight wankster. Not only is he lacking in the man meat packing department, he can’t take care of his business:

Jon Gosselin wants a place to call his own – Kate Gosselin’s home. Jon filed court papers Wednesday requesting physical custody of the couple’s eight children. He also wants the right to live in Kate’s guest house and says that he should be allowed to live there per the terms of their divorce settlement. has learned exclusively that Jon has been staying with his brother. And one source told us: “That’s not going so well.” Jon has accused Kate of being an absentee mom because she is appearing on Dancing With The Stars in Los Angeles.

But as reported exclusively, Jon has spent far more time away from the children, simply to be with his then-girlfriend. has documented that Jon has spent several weeks away from his children this year only to hang out with his girlfriend and not for employment reasons. In the new court papers Jon asks that the child support order be revisited.

Jon also says that his divorce settlement gives him the right to live in Kate’s guest house when he doesn’t have physical custody. He charges that Kate abuses the right she was awarded to set the custody schedule.


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  • RedboneKillBill

    Ewww Gross!

    It is almost funny that Jon said Kate is an absentee mom by being on DWTS (she is purely awful btw) knowing good and well he would have been on the show had they asked him, what a complete and utter failure.

  • thablackyoutube

    Of course he is going to try to get out of paying child support for those kids. Eight kids?! People scheme and lie to get out of paying for only one.

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    This whole Gosselin fiasco is getting old & if anything,I feel bad for all his 8 kids.

    These other chicks who hit that/dated Jon are some thirsty a*s*s brawds who had the nerve to talk about how small his peen allegedly is but weren’t complaining when he was all up in there so please! LOL.

  • thatbrutha

    But he does deserve some cash, he did help create the kids and he deserves half since he can’t find a job anywhere else.


    Maybe that is why Kate treated him so bad.. Nobody really respects a guy who is penally insufficient..

  • memchee

    this guy really is a douche bag!!!

    I use to be on his side, but his family has no substantial incoming funds, Kate is out there hustling and he goes and creates more costly drama.

  • Theorius Stylez

    That’s what she gets. You dont have 8 kids with a dude & cry that you dont have any help. He was your help. I dont feel sorry for these broads at all. No man wants to raise 8 kids that aren’t his. Only their father wants to be there with them. Their mother is living he holliwierd life & cant dance a lick. She looks like a fool on dancing w/the holliwierds. I hope he wins custody of those kids. They need their dad, not 3 or 4 nannies.

  • a dolla wine and some hot cheetos

    he is the childrens FATHER and deserves half of everything….period she needs to break bread wih him just like shaq has to break bread with his tranny looking reality H.O.E ex wife.

  • Somali Ninga

    I used to feel bad that Kate abused Jon and his manhood but now, I can’t stnad either of them. Their kids are going to need PLENTY of therapy when they get older. SMSH

  • bvgt77

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  • black is beautiful Don't F*ck it up

    for all this talk about she needs to give him half….half of what? the money is gone from the tlc show! 8 kids eat alot! she got to earn money some kinda way that’s why she’s on DWTS. Jon’s dumb azz will never earn enough to pay child support for 8 kids. If he wasn’t so stupid he would let her work and earn whatever she can.

  • Bored too

    @ bvgt77

    Your boyfriend wants to live in your guest house and get custody of your 8 kids too? Someone needs to customize their spamming better.


    plz I doubt kate is broke last year she and jon were worth 10million and that does not include all the book signing she has done or books she came out w/ and at the beginning of the divorce she had a clothing line coming out and it was estimated that she was getting some where around 300mill she put a hold on the clothing line coming out I guess so she would not have to split that money in the divorce

  • kalifa

    America is really the land of opportunity – those two losers are famous just for having a tribe of children ….

    their “careers” are based on the fact that they have 8 kids…who clearly they dont give a $hit about

    the mother is the new lorena bobbit….emasculating men with her words

    the father is going through a mid-life crisis and is a total epic fail

  • Black Barbie

    She must be getting 15 minutes for every child she has. I’m ready for her time to be up…

    P.S. Jon’s time was over long ago!

  • late19832001

    he dont deserve nothing after leaving her and taking all the money out their account… I feel bad for the 8 kids that their father is a jerk..sonow he wants to filed court papers requesting physical custody of the couple’s eight children and also wants the right to live in Kate’s guest house and says that he should be allowed to live there per the terms of their divorce settlement??… If he would have stayed and been a father to his kids, he wouldnt have to worry about it…. I hate when fathers dont do their job and take care of their family…

  • pynk

    They’re both douches, & I just hope they disappear along w/ Octomom, Heidi & Spencer, Tila Tequila, & all these other good-for-nothing fame w.h.o.r.e.s. SMH!!!

  • ATLBlogger (I Found My SWAG!!!!)

    I am SO mad @ that pic. Not flattering at all. I cant believe these 2 are still going at it. Get it 2getha already 4 the kids sake, GEESH!!!!

  • sumthinqspecial

    Ok.. Its so obvious that this man is jelous because she moved and qot sumthinq qoinq for herself! She can’t be no sit at hme mom widd 8kids shidd she qotta qet it. And also if they was together he wouldn’t be complainq not a bit! Begggers can’t be choosy! Only thing I see is him hitting bad wid no muney no job ndd he havnt been tryinq to find one to my knoledqe, and him movinq bacc in would be nothing but a fiasco !’ She hates him he hates her! Ndd everybody say the kids get punished this aint nunthinq but punishment to the 10thpower!. Ths would be the first time the kids would be hurt ‘ because they always seemed happy ndd nobody was sayinq nunthinq about other people kids on reality shows like snoop doq the crews family or any other show its just that these were 8kids and it drew attention!.. I’m widd kate she like anyother mother its just the taploids chanqe the story up!. She’s a typical mother ! She’s a sinqle mother her babydaddy aint qot no $$ ndd no job ndd he lives widd his relitves! She trys to qo out in date! Had to get a job widd gudd pay to feed the family!. Sooo aint that what yall doinq or what yall mommas did!, if a camra was in yo buisness evry 5seconds yu would like a mess! Note to kate qive it jesus girl qive it to him

  • Blah

    can you imagine the foopah combined with the short dang a lang? *shudders*

  • GTRUTH33


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