Man Takes A Knife To Racist German Shepherd

- By Bossip Staff

A Yonkers man was arrested by local police after he slashed a German shepherd because it was racist. Pop the hood for details.

According to 58-year-old Andrew Owens, Jenna the German shepherd only barked at minorities and bit him in the past because of his race.

When the dog began barking at him on Tuesday, Owens reportedly became so furious that he took out a nine inch knife and slashed the dog across the face.

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  • Somali Ninga

    SMH!!! I hate dogs but thats fu©king horrible!! If your this violent to animals, you’ll most likely be violent towards humans! MICHAEL VICK!!!!

  • RedboneKillBill

    That must have been some super duper dro, where can I get some hahahaha.

    Its not funny that he did that to the dog though-mess.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Uh, this story is beyond stupid.

  • the realest

    how can a dog be racist? ITS A DOG!!! only the biggest racists on earth think everybody and everything is racist.PETA should come to his house and cut both of his racist eyes out!

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    Not justifying the way the dog was trained to allegedly only bark @ minorities or what not but I feel so bad for how he was harmed.

    I’m an animal lover & this pains me.

    At the end of the day,he’s just a dog,an animal,not a human who’s a rational being SMH.

  • Zuko The Dude

    619 stand up

  • instantgratitude

    stupid azs m.f. – that pizzes me off! he took a big knife and slashed an animal…bltch. they say cruelty to animals is one of the signs of a potential serial killer. he needs to be off the streets for a while..he’s delusional and paranoid

  • umm hmm

    ah ha ha.. I believe this dog was indeed racist, those police train them real good on how so sniff a negro..

  • thablackyoutube


  • kev

    First of all, Dogs are color blind! How can they be racist. Secondly, he could have called the Humane Society and had the dog taken away..WOW some people

  • I hate what you do!

    NIGGGERS are just plain stupid. why dont u all just die so we can live in a much better place. You bring the economy down i swear to god.

  • Robert

    @I hate you do. When you make ignorant comments like that-Why don,t you say it to our faces and not behind a computer screen,coward.Be a man for once in your life

  • charlieblanko

    Roflmao@the title and the picture… Got his racist ass…didn’t he? lmao

  • Just Bored


    Now you know that’s somebody Black that’s obviously more bored than me – lol

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    I have always loved my pets. I would even FIGHT for my dog. If any1 would have caused injury to her (RIP Bell, Feb 2010) I would have whooped @ss. Real Talk!!

  • james

    Oh you know he’s gonna fry for this one…you cant mess with white people and their animals…to them that dogs life is more valuable than yours trust.

  • Yuh Dun Know

    @I hate what you do:

    Awww… isnt that original? Making comments for shock value. Do you feel better now? Have you released your anger that you’ve been holding in from some deep issues you’re dealing with?


    Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

    And someone mentioned PETA….for real….WHERE is PETA??? I guess you gotta have millions for them to care…..*shrugs shoulders*

  • Yuh Dun Know

    @Just Bored:

    Really. lol

  • Please

    I’d love to see the defense on this one. “I swear your honor, the dog called me a ni@@a.”
    Man what is the world coming to.

  • Please

    I’d love to see the defense on this one. “I swear your honor, the dog called me a ni@@a.”

    What is the world coming to……

  • What it is?

    @ I hate what you do

    Does it make you feel better to talk s**t behind a computer, let’s see you say that to a person of colors face, don’t think you can coward,LMAO.

  • james

    people stop responding to that…..if you know you not a Ni**er than dont resond to that. Ive seen that so much on the internet that i just doesnt bother me anymore

  • memchee

    there ought to be a law against messin’ with the ish if you’re already stupid!!!

  • this world is starting to suck


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