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We’re totally obsessed with the romantic dramedy series from Gloria Calderón Kellett, now in its second season on Prime Video.

Constance Marie and Benito Martinez spoke with BOSSIP about Season 2 of their Prime series ‘With Love.’ The pair play Jorge Diaz Sr. and Beatriz Diaz, who are rediscovering their love after hitting a rocky patch in Season 1. Constance opened up about the challenges she faced getting comfortable with cameras capturing Beatriz and Jorge Sr. being more intimate this season.In addition to their own longstanding love story, the couple are the proud parents of a son Jorge Jr. and a daughter Lily, who are navigating complicated relationships of their own. Throughout the new season, Beatriz and Jorge Sr. offer a strong support system to their son Jorge who is gay, as well as their kids’ cousin Sol, who is non-binary, and their daughter Lily, who is determined to get everything she wants (marriage included) even though she’s in love with a man who has sworn to never wed.

Asked about the way the Diaz family has created a safe space for everyone who enters their home, Constance Marie praised the show’s creator for making her role that much easier:

“People have a lot of stumbling blocks when it comes to acceptance and love when it comes to another human that just happens to have a different path than you do,” Constance Marie told BOSSIP. “That’s an amazing line that Gloria Calderón Kellett walks wonderfully because there is a basic humanness that we all have. The scenes are written so wonderfully that it’s very easy, I think, to be these characters and to see all the different perspectives but I think at the bottom of it is love and striving for understanding, which I think all families should strive for.”

Benito Martinez spoke about the relationship his character Jorge Sr. has with his son, and how their mutual respect and support spills over into all of the show’s relationships.

“One of the beautiful parts about the relationship is, we’re not imposing our values on the other one,” Martinez told BOSSIP. “We’re supporting each other. Support is an important word in that because it’s not overbearing. I’m not carrying the rock for him. Once he starts carrying the rock, I join and help. That support is crucial because they become independent. That independence and that support and that belief and that trust in their growth is what allows this character to continue to grow. And so the student becomes the teacher and the teacher becomes the student and that dynamic is baked into this show right from the beginning. We’re all struggling. But it depends what side of the seesaw you’re on.”

“The joy of Season 2 is our characters are renewed. There’s a renewed vigor for life. Especially my character. A new expression of support and appreciation of his life because he almost lost it last year. That spills over into all the relationships.”

We can’t wait for y’all to see how much the Diaz’s marriage has been renewed too!

Let us know your thoughts on the full interview and don’t forget to watch Season 2 of With Love! The show is streaming NOW on Prime Video.


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