Knifed Up: Kim Kardashian

- By Bossip Staff

What the f*ck does Kim Kardashian keep doing to her damn face? In a minute, she’s gonna look just like stepdaddy Bruce and Mommy Dearest Kris if she doesn’t lay off the botox or whatever the hell she’s injecting. That ish is NOT a good look. SMH.

More photo of Kim at The Bravada International Launch Party on the flip…

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  • Wendy

    Is it her cheeks??

  • kaly

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  • Aj

    eyebrow raised

  • Wendy

    WTF is that on her shoulder? Please tell me it’s just her hair…

  • Glok.. Nothing to loose ,..Just me against the world!


  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 8 Days. Bossip is like a bad accident...I cannot look away!!!


  • It's Me

    She got money to blowwwwwwwwwww…


    Her and her stepfather now officially look like penguins….

  • Nikki

    why does she look asian?

  • Isis

    I agree she used to be pretty now she looks like a real cat! Stop Kim

  • drenk

    well im glad this generation has their version of joan rivers, so much plastic surgery she lost her tear ducts and cant close her eyes all the way shut

  • reka_baby (Good Morning Heartache)

    She looks almost exactly like her Mom in the face now…O_o

  • Nikko

    This is awful. Her eyes and mouth are pulled to both sides. That was a lot of stretching they did. Was she really getting that much crows feet?

    I also agree with what somebody said above…I think her mother had something to do with this. I just shake my head sometimes when I hear that woman speak. The fact that she moved into a larger, Hollywood style home at her age rather than living comfortably in a smaller home as people usually do when they get older told me she always wanted this life for herself. I actually feel sorry for Kim and the rest of them having this kind of mother. I thought Lindsey Lohan’s mom was bad, but Kim’s mom is the worst. SMH

  • thablackyoutube

    The look is unnatural.

  • Educated Diva

    I guess black man’s favorite white Barbie is now plastic Barbie. Her breasts looks hard & fake n those pics. She’s 29 now imagine when she hits her mid 30’s she will look awful! If she likes the botox, pastic surgery, & silicone injections then I luv it! Next—->>>

  • BK.

    Dont know who is influencing her but she is the only one with no man or prospects hope she dont OD like Bruce, this is not a good look. Reggie must of been fed up of the BS, good thing he didnt marry her.

  • mz.cee

    Juvederm, Botox, Restylane whatever, its one helluva druuug, baby! And amounts of make-up!

    She gon look like the Lion Lady/Wildenstein just now… Sad!

  • berryliousbea

    ugh she was so beautiful before now she is going to look like cat women

  • Britchick91!

    there was nothing wrong w/ her in the first place
    i blame kris and bruce

  • Jess

    I hope Kim stops because she is too beautiful for that

  • I don't like Kim Kardashian BUT...

    You people dissing her about her plastic surgery are the same people that influenced her to getting plastic surgery, always talking about “beautiful this”, and “she is so pretty that”. Of course gasing her up like this made her overly confident but also PAINFULLY INSECURE. Because she realized that she was really maintaning her fame because of her looks she felt like she had to get plastic surgery to increase the fame and maintain it at the same time. If she chose not to get Plastic Surgery and remain the way she was which was attractive, you still would have found something wrong with her that would have driven her to plastic surgery. HYPOCRITES.

  • resurrected

    She was already naturally pretty but now she is starting too look like the Lion woman who got so much plastic surgery that now she looks like animal… I swear that plastic surgery is the first human robotic practices and it is still evolving as we can see through the celebrities and media venture…

  • Wendy

    @ I don’t like Kim

    Well since she listens to us so much as you claim, listen to this. KIM YOU NEED TO STOP DOING WHATEVER IT IS YOUR DOING TO YOR FACE. IT IS NOT CUTE AND YOU LOOKED WAY MORE PRETTY THAN THAT. Still, I bet she’s not going to stop…

  • KaniGitADolla?

    uMM uMM uMM…
    wHen I mOvE tU aMeRiKKa
    I aM NOT liViNg iN bREntWood!

  • really?

    @ don’t like Kim Kardashian BUT..

    I hear what you’re saying. But Kim hasn’t been in the game long enough to need to keep up with her past looks. She hasn’t been out the gate long enough to go through a hairstyle change. I think it’s the culture of her household. They all fall into the plastic trap from Mama and Bruce on down. I can see the little ones already picking out their 16th birthday breasts and booties!

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