3 New Jawns: Keyshia Cole, Ashanti and Ne-Yo ft. Brandy… Hate It or Love It?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

Ashanti, Brandy and Keyshia Cole are trying to make a comeback. Instead of putting them up individually, we decided to see which new jawn do ya’ll think is going to make it to the top of the charts…

Take a Listen:

Keyshia Cole –

Ashanti –

Brandy and Ne-Yo –

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  • meemea


  • blkjolie

    ummm, don’t really love any of them. But I would probably go with Neyo and Brandy. She sounds great. Ashanti is a wash, and Keysha sounds good, but I don’t know about that song.

  • Mz_Blaze

    Keisha’s song- Boring
    Ashant’si- Not bad not bad
    Brandy’s- Kinda boring too

  • janet

    Keyshia- its sounds like a song brandy would sing.

    Ashanti- its alright

    Brandy- not feeling this joint

  • kriss

    Loved Brandy’s and Keisha’s. Ashanti…:(

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    I like Ashanti’s joint,Keyshia’s aight..I mean,it’s her usual stuff & Brandy’s is ok,nothing special.

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  • Ho Please

    Keyshia-Its alright
    Brandy-Its alright

  • Lee Lee

    Keyshia’s is wack….take more time off! Ashanti is talking on the song…shut up! Brandy’s sound the best but its still wack.

  • Oh Well

    Brandy-love the song
    Ashanti-try again but okay song

  • Just Bored

    Was done listening to Brandy and Ne-Yo at the one minute mark….Sheeee’s Right Heeere….was that part of the lyrics??? LOL

    Ashanti…made me move a little and try to sing with her without knowing the lyrics…was ok, still didn’t get through the whole song.

    Keyshia Cole – Love her voice. Agree with Mike, this is new sound for her. Liked this one the best of the three. Listened to the whole thing. Will listen again.

  • denne

    i like the brandy and the ashanti is alright…. keyshia’s sounds too generic… i want another “over” or “love”

  • Shyia

    Keyshia Cole- It sounds like a hit to me ALTHOUGH she could do better !

    Ashanti’s- She needs to come harder.

    Brandy & Neyo- the lyrics are relatable but the voices and beat ehhh nutten special.

  • http://bossip nini

    Keyshia wack

    Ashanti love it
    Brandy the best

  • musicisme

    Keyshia = sounds good..will do well…almost sounds like “beyonce’s halo” beat
    Ashanti = sounds too generic…..I don’t know
    Brandy = Ok will be so-so

  • http://TheTruth HolySoldier

    Brandy and Neyo-AWESOME! We get a closer glimpse of Brandy’s unique and mature voice-she climbs the scales like nobody’s business-great pitch and tone….very seasoned voice…

    Ashanti sounds like a demo tape-sorry…very forgettable.

    Keisha sounds ok, but I don’t this is the right song for her..needs more time to perfect her pitch and tone control.

  • GIA


  • keekkee

    does anybody kno the titles of the songs? i’m on my phone I can’t see it

  • Christy

    Keyshia is okay. She can do better. Sounds like she is in a Great place in her life.
    Ashanti I am not feeling. Sounds like she may be a little bitter. I would like to see her comeback but with a new look and style.
    Brandi & Neyo. I always like comeback kids & stories. This is going to be a hit. Like the tempo.

  • grace

    Either Neyo+Brandy’s or Keyshia. Ashanti’s was BLAH, WEAK.

  • iwonttell305


  • 25 Ken

    There making K.c. Sound to mediocre but over all the song is a hit..

    Brandy go away!!!

    Ashanti still got it =)

  • Angel

    Before listening I said Keyshia Cole hands down. After listening….Keyshia’s was alright. I think she has a better chance. I agree with the people saying it’s a new sound for her. It does sound like something Brandy would sing. But it’s good to change things up. Ashanti…um it’s alright. Brandy’s song…I agree with Zina. It sounds more like Neyo ft. Brandy. She’s trying her best to come back. She still needs to come better.

  • angel

    i love keyshia something new great song for you ashanti i like the beat and brandy keep working on it

  • Ron

    The keyshia song would be nice if she sang it. That isn’t Keyshia Cole singing! Don’t really like the other songs.

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