Bodies Of Four Missing Miners Found

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As the death toll climbs to 29, President Obama wants answers about the West Virginia mining disaster in a report next week. There will also be congressional hearings. Sadly, there is no hope of finding survivors. “We did not receive the miracle that we prayed for,” Gov. Joe Manchin told reporters. More on the tragic tale under the hood.

Searchers found four bodies deep in a West Virginia coal mine shattered by an explosion, raising the death toll to 29 and ending an excruciating week for families holding onto faint hopes that their missing miners had somehow survived.

Crews are to soon begin the bleak task of carrying out 22 bodies from Massey Energy Co.’s Upper Big Branch mine, though officials said Saturday no timetable has been set. Seven bodies had already been removed soon after Monday’s blast, making it the worst U.S. coal mining disaster since a 1970 explosion killed 38 in Hyden, Ky.

The investigation into the company that has an extensive list of safety violations at the mine also will begin with President Barack Obama wanting some answers in a report next week and Congress planning hearings.

The discovery of the final four bodies ended days of futile searches by rescue crews that repeatedly battled a volatile mix of poisonous gases and thick smoke that turned them back on three previous attempts. The massive blast also left the inside of the mine a mess of twisted tracks, boulders and debris.

“We did not receive the miracle that we prayed for,” Gov. Joe Manchin told reporters after meeting with relatives to deliver the news. “So this journey has ended and now the healing will start.”

Initially, 25 men were known to have perished and two men survived. That left four unaccounted for, resulting in an agonizing week for relatives and officials who hoped the miners had somehow managed to find refuge chambers stocked with food, water and oxygen. But none of the mine’s refuge chambers had been deployed.
“The rescue workers told us they’re sure no one suffered,” Manchin said.

The mission now is to bring out all the bodies through miles of debris, which will take some time, officials said.

There was no immediate announcement Saturday from Massey on when that would be completed.

This is so sad.

Our prayers are with the miners’ loved ones.


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  • juicyjessica

    This is truly sad, so so sad! My prayers are with the families…

  • Hannibal


  • FU Hannibal

    How can you say such a terrible thing. They weren’t just miners, they were Americans and human beings. It wasn’t their fault they died, it was the irresponsible actions of a multimillion dollar mining business.

  • NeeNee

    Rip, prayer to the families.
    Hannibal you are hell bound

  • quanisha


  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 6 Days. Bossip is like a bad accident...I cannot look away!!!

    This is very sad. I am so sorry for the families. Prayers and condolences.

  • thablackyoutube

    Gone, but not forgotten.

  • minerva

    so sorry that, once again, money takes precedence over humanity……..
    condolences to the families of the lost.

  • Moreaces

    Im original from West Virginia, and this is just really Sad. West Virginia is Coal

  • :)


  • BlameItOnVanity


    Havent’ these mines been unsafe for years? i know i remember hearing about them some years back, why would they keep risking people’s lives/safety? But then i know the sad answer to that already.

  • Use Common Sense


    Make a mockery death, death will surely make a mockery of you. I only hope that whatever deity you worship be there to protect you in that moment. You’re a very, very foolish man.

  • GTRUTH33


  • Moreaces

    4/10/10, 17:01:pm


    Havent’ these mines been unsafe for years? i know i remember hearing about them some years back, why would they keep risking people’s lives/safety? But then i know the sad answer to that already.

    Why do they keep putting lives at risk, Money, The owners are greedy, and the poor men that work there have know other real choice if they want to have a job, West Virginia is all about coal, Yes it has other industries, but coal is where the money is for blue collar workers that want to make a good living, You would be surprised at what goes on there,, before my Father reitred, he worked for MSHA, As a mine inspector/safey inspector, We actually talked about it for a long time today. He knew from day one the 4 more than likely would not be found alive, less a True mircle occured. its truly sad,

  • musicmama

    tragic, sad, and this mining company will have to pay the families of the lost ones.

  • Interlude

    Wow, first off, I would kike to send my condolences out to the family and friends of the dead coal miners. Second, @ Hannibal— that is not nice and it is not cool for you to say such things like that and I normally don’t follow up behind mess like your but, that was flat out wrong and distasteful. APOLOGIZE, RIGHT NOW.

  • Interlude

    I’m praying for everyone that has lost a loved one or loved ones. You all are in my prayers.

  • Hannibal


  • temi aghayere

    my prayers goes to the families

  • Bacqui (Chris Brown First, Then Da Wannabes) :)

    R.I.P Soldiers!!! U died tryin to get da paper

  • Lovly Olivia

    Very sad…hopefully this will lead to new regulations and safety measures that will keep our current and future miners safe…their lives will not be in vain…RIP…

  • Clarkekent3000

    Too,too sad. What’s even sadder is I bet a good number of West Virginians actually supported ANTI-UNION legislation in their state! I hope everybody now sees exactly why union representation is needed in the work place. Corporations DO NOT have their employees best interest at heart!

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