Guess Who “Professor Oglevee” Is Coupled Up With???

- By Bossip Staff

Professor Oglevee aka Dorien Wilson, showed up to Judge Mathis’ 50th birthday party with an actress that would be a contrast to his old portrayal on the The Parkers. His date was… on one, but so was everybody it seemed.

Pop the top to see who the Professor looked like he chopped down before the arrival to the party

Gangster as$ Wendy Raquel Robinson from The Game. Notice the professor holding her?  The two were spotted hopping out of the whip on arrival.

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  • Hannibal


  • Drea

    Wendy is married and Katt Williams’ say that professor O is gay!

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    He basically looks the same only that he gained weight & is aging.

  • realdwn2erth

    Wow! This is one time that, I must agree with Hannibal! This guy is as fruity as they come! And, Wendy, is just his cover-up!

  • lala

    WOW what happened. He looked okay in TheParkers, but now? Not so much, he looks fat and he’s definitely looking his age too, and he looks a little…whats the word yall use: SUSPECT.

  • Curious1

    I don’t think they’re dating…I think he is not into woman like that..I think they’re just friends..She cracks me up…”Miss Piggy”

  • Use Common Sense


    I notice how you always “suspect” guys of being gay. Could it be that you see something in them that’s in you? Like the old saying goes, “queer eyes spot queer guys”. Face it, your a big flame-broiler whose always trying to point out everyone else except yourself.

  • thablackyoutube

    WOW! Looks like he has put on a few pounds.

  • RedboneKillBill

    Grown Folks on a good one is priceless.
    Dorien needs to stop storing food in them cheeks.

  • Solostar

    Regina Greer is married…

  • Don'tGiveAWhat

    I like her. She does a lot of charity work!

    And I too believe Professor Oglevee is “zesty” in real life. Makes me no difference, but I think their date is just old friends hanging out…

    (POW POW POW!!!! LOL)

  • CaramelDelite

    I heard he was gay

  • Truly.S.Blaque

    I think it’s because they’re friends.. he played one of her love interest (Warrington) back when she was on the Steve Harvey show….

  • ****JUDY***

    4/12/10, 20:00:pm

    Wendy is married and Katt Williams’ say that professor O is gay!

    Katt williams outed him at one of his performances but I think Katt williams forgot to out himself……..just a thought.

  • ****JUDY***

    @Use Common Sense


  • MzKat0517

    I believe the professor is gay. He is a regular at Peanuts…’s a gay club in LA. My homegurl is gay and she tells me he is a regular.

  • simplyhonee

    That gal wouldn’t hit a woman with a bat!

  • Hotfox220

    Prof is a “Burning Flame!” “Hooow Yooou Doooing?”

  • caribbean coons standing in hate of black americans

    any american who don’t want your ugly black azz is a flame i’m sure.

  • sexy red

    who cares

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 4 Days. Bossip is like a bad accident...I cannot look away!!!


  • Wenzel Dashington (aka Mr. Sterling Cooper)

    I really wanted Mo’ to get on that Oscar stage and say Haay Prafessa!!

  • BoomKcka

    Professor O is gay.. and Wendy is happily married.

  • Deirdre B Pride

    I remember seeing a magazine article that had pics of her and her husband and no children. I know Tasha can do betta. IJS

  • why not


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