For The Stans: The Camel Teaches Bey Bey How To Drive… Automatic or Stick Shift?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

Beyonce and Jay-Z were seen taking a ride with the top back like “oh boy”. Rumor has it that Jay-Z is teaching his little country bumpkin how to drive. You would think that she would know how to drive but then again, Beyonce was shakin’ it like a salt shaker on stage somewhere as a teenager.

Beyonce is reportedly learning how to drive with the help of her rapper hubby Jay-Z.

The Single Ladies singer is allegedly having lessons with Jigga early in the morning to avoid busy roads and the hoards of paparazzi that follow the couple everywhere they go.

A source close to the pair told The Sun: “Jay and Beyonce normally go out mid-morning when it’s quiet. Their bodyguards are always in tow but they never ride in the car with them.”


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  • ErycaK

    Who cares

  • mz.cee

    …just like a hubby supposed too! LOL

  • Yuh dun Know.....

    Stick shift.

    Cars of that caliber dont even HAVE automatic….unless you’re a retard.

    Whats the purpose of an automatic Lambo??

    Or Ferrari…whatever the h-e-l-l kinda car it is…..

  • YaYa Sisterhood

    And what a ride to learn in.

  • pynk

    Jeez, can ppl stop riding her for ONE day!? SMH, I’m surprised these gossip sites don’t put up when she’s ovulating or takes a crap! SHEESH!!!

  • xedos

    Beyonce already knows how to drive and stop using old pics to make your story look authentic. Maybe she learning how to drive a standard

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 4 Days. Bossip is like a bad accident...I cannot look away!!!

    Hey Pynk

  • ErycaK


    LMAO.. It’s true though..

  • ATL

    How is he teaching her to drive when back in the day they gave some stupid interview DC’s members all said when they start making money they brought trucks. WHY WHY do people even bother???? They will say anything to take Nixon off people (who care) minds!


    they are cute…

  • Who cares?

    He need a real woman not someone he can control like he does her they always have to go out for dinner cause she cant cook, they need a maid cause she said she dont clean, now this Bish cant drive Damn i guess all she good for is steady pumpin and to make some babies if she can do that!!!

  • Tiny-T

    hey theres some celebrity’s who cant drive and don’t even bother to learn. atleast shes tryin

  • Who cares?

    By the way that pic is old as hell!!!!!

  • ebonyblonde

    y cant this guh drive???
    i swore in one of her songs she said she was in jags since she was like 16….well at least we know shes semi-human. i bet sasha firece knows how to drive

  • Nique (Cuz I'm a laaady)

    I’ve been hearing this story for about a week and I call Bullsh!!t on it. When u have money like these ppl do-u dont drive automatic…

    How many ppl here can drive stick-cause I know I sure as hell dont.

  • Ravena

    This picture is damn near 10 yrs old. Try again Bo-SSSIP.

  • moneygreene

    Mannnnnn…i saw this pic about 2 years ago

  • justin B£BOY

    as someone said WHO CARE???????????????????

  • Who cares?

    The article didnt specify if he was teaching her to drive a stick or automatic it just said he was teaching her to drive period.

  • Kay

    If it’s true…good for him, this is what a good HUSBAND is suppose to do. It’s also nice to see them together more. I like the two of them together, they make a cute couple ; 0

  • I Am Legend

    Damn dont teach her to drive a stick in the Porshe…get her a bucket so she can strip those gears

  • Swaggy Lady

    I know how to drive AND ride stick!!!!!

  • Dani

    @moneygreene, That pic is old. Anyway If this is true Good Luck Bey. I’m still very scared to get on the road.

  • Who cares?


  • Who cares?

    @MONEYGREENE I misspelled your name SORRY lololol!!!

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