Malcom X Autobiography Gets New Chapters And Foreword From Daughter

- By Bossip Staff

The classic “Autobiography of Malcom X” is getting a new release with three “lost” chapters and a foreword written by his daughter, Ilyash Shabazz. There’s an interesting story here on why the chapters were left out in the first place. Pop the hood.

Ilyasah Shabazz, Malcolm X’s daughter, has agreed to write the foreword to three chapters omitted from the original “Autobiography of Malcolm X.” Released in 1965, the classic returned to No. 1 on the best-seller list 30 years later. The “lost” chapters were recently discovered by Detroit attorney Gregory Reed who acquired them, at auction, from the estate of Alex Haley, who co-wrote the book with Malcolm. Shabazz, author of “Growing Up X,” says she believes “the chapters were omitted because they showed too much of my father’s humanity.” Reed plans to release them during a commemorative celebration of what would have been Malcolm’s 85th birthday on May 19 at the Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial & Education Center, the former Audubon Ballroom in Harlem where he was assassinated in February 1965.

We’re really curious to find out what she means by “too much of my father’s humanity.”


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  • ErycaK

    I’m glad they were found. She is continuing his legacy.

  • Who cares?


  • Diddy Bop

    That picture is so powerful. Ilyasah looks so much like her father, it is incredible.

    I am really interested to see what the lost chapters are about.

  • drenk

    i wonder what that means “too much humanity” …?

  • DaddyDamit!

    She’s not a bad looking chick

  • VA666

    Wow she looks just like him!

  • Sydney™

    Thank you for the article. I believe “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” is one of the most important American literary works. I will certainly pick up this latest edition for my personal collection.

    Coincidentally, I also read a story this morning on the recent publishing of Ralph Ellison’s second novel, “Three Days Before the Shooting.” I’ll have to put it on my summer reading list as well.

  • Nosey!

    It means it was to positive!

  • LaDiva

    Hmmm will have to read this…

  • Vanessa

    Humanity = drugs and jump offs

  • Morrocco

    She looks like her dad and people fear what they don’t understand, so therefore the chapters were omitted so that Malcolm would still be a monster in the eyes of white America and dumb Negroes all because we stood for fighting back

  • KreoleKing

    I know Ilyasah personally and she really is an amazing woman. Growing Up X was a beautiful exploration of her life as Malcolm’s daughter. I’m sure if she gives her blessing on the omitted chapters, then they are to honor and reveal her father.

  • thablackyoutube

    Keeping the legacy alive.

  • aleximaq

    I have learned to love and respect this man even though I am a Christian….does she have a perm? Press and curl?

  • lt

    good for her.

  • Bossip sucks

    Vanessa STFU AND STFD HOE!

  • efd

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  • HF

    The resemblence 2 her father is uncanny!

    Thanks 4 the info. I’ll make sure 2 re-read this during confederate heritage month.

  • Freeze

    Vannessa Humanity means he was not the pissed off brother everbody thought he was not Drugs and Jumpoffs.


    I see Malcolm X didn’t want a burnt crispy daughter.

  • Caramel Cat™

    Good gracious, she looks JUST LIKE her dad…I am interested to read these additional chapters…

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    no denying that’s his daughter

  • Getem

    She’s beautiful.

  • Curious1

    I am just deeply sad about the whole legacy of this powerful Man…His family has been thru somethings….murder and mayhem cont’d to run in the family and that is what saddens me..

    Kudos to Truth…and Kudos to my soror may she rest in peace..Honorable Ms. Betty Shabazz…May He and SHE FINALLY be able to R.I.P.

  • http://aol ebonieladi

    4/12/10, 11:24:am
    I see Malcolm X didn’t want a burnt crispy daughter
    How ignorant are you? Malcolm had no choice about what complexion his daughters would have. His wife was a dark skinned woman so they could have come out either way.

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