For Discussion: Spare The Rod… Spoil The Child?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

Is spanking your child still the best way to discipline them, will it make them aggressive?!? Back in day, it was nothing for parents to grab a switch, a belt or even use their hand in order to correct bad behavior. Now-a-days, government agencies like DFACS will come and remove children from their homes if they hear of parents disciplining children physically.

Spare the rod and spoil the child? That’s the old adage, but while most U.S. parents approve of spanking, a new study says it could make children more aggressive.

“We may give her a firm tap on the hand and at that point, she knows she did something wrong.” That’s as far as Rick Smiley says he will go when it comes to physically disciplining his 3-year-old daughter Ella. This Avon, N.Y. father says neither he nor his wife believe in spanking.

Smiley’s words may be echoed in a new study conducted by Tulane University. Of the 2,500 children who took part in the study, those who were spanked at age 3 were more likely to show aggressive behavior by age 5. In fact, children who were spanked at least twice in one month were 50 percent more likely to be aggressive.

Pediatrician Janet Casey, M.D. said, “The message you’re teaching your child is when something happens that’s not done properly or you make a bad choice because you’re unhappy, then the solution is to hit.”

Dr. Casey says discipline is about teaching children important lessons and says there are alternatives to spanking. “We want to teach our kids how to make good choices and not hit when they get upset,” she said.

Christina Lampley isn’t sure she agrees with the study. She says she was spanked as a child and doesn’t believe there have been any ill effects. “I grew up where my father used to spank us, and it showed us not to do it no more.” Lampley says some children, like 2-year-old Derrick need something a little stronger than things like time out. “I spank him on the hand. I don’t spank him with a belt, I think that’s ruthless, but you know sometimes they’re hard headed. Sometimes they do need spanking.”

Instead of spanking, Dr. Casey sayd in a volatile situation, get calm and tell your child calmly but firmly what you would like them to do. She suggests giving consequence choices and using logical consequences that fit the behavior.


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