Don’t Mess with CB4 ‘Officer Ross’

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Posted by Bossip Staff

With some shady gunfire recently at a Rick Ross charity event in Miami, some are speculating a recent beatdown by Officer Ross against a DJ is in effort to regain some credibility. The DJ is going after 4 million in stacks with a lawsuit:

According to the suit, Vlad received a text message from Ross on the afternoon of the Ozone Awards that read, “N—– will learn … trillaaaa.” Vlad had interviewed Ross twice before, which is allegedly how the MC obtained Vlad’s phone number. After the DJ inquired about who the text was from, Ross allegedly responded, “Ross … I’m hearing things.”

A short time later, according to the suit, Ross called Vlad and said, “I’ve been hearing things about me on your Web site. … We gonna make a story. … We going to see each other. … We going to talk. … Where are you?” Upon learning that both men were in town for the Ozone Awards, Ross allegedly set up a time for the meeting on the second floor of the Hilton Hotel in Houston and arrived accompanied by four other people.

“Following a brief conversation between DJ Vlad and Ross in which Ross said, ‘We got beef,’ Ross’ accomplices, who had surrounded DJ Vlad while he spoke with Ross, proceeded to strike and beat DJ Vlad in Ross’ presence and without any protest on Ross’ part,” the suit says. The men then reportedly fled the scene and left Vlad laying on the ground “bleeding profusely” after one attacker shouted, “Yeah, mother—-er, that’s what you get.”

It’s going to take a lot more than a beatdown of this little white dude to come off that CB4 status. Dude that got beat down should have known that one-time doesn’t play around. smh.


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  • The SchoLar

    1st noone cares..

  • blam blam


    what a funny dude rick ross is

  • Ms. Toson

    Assuming that this is true:

    Rick Ross might as well had someone to fight for him. He would probably loose his breath upon trying to swing and therefore, a “flawless victory” for Vlad. Besides, it’s not like Rick has nothing to loose, he’s already ugly one is going to notice in any blows he would have recieved.

    Can you imagine? I bet he would look like a ghetto Kung Fu Panda.

  • Ms. Toson

    Heeee Yaaah!

  • Chudney

    What a loser…lol

  • Chudney

    WTF 4 million??? OLE Ricky can beat my ass anyday.

    Then again with all that stuntin Rick Ross be doing, I doubt that he even has anything near 4 million.

  • Chudney

    lmao @ ll cool gay uggg your Nastiii!!!

  • Bria Richards

    Lastly, you’re going to need to get Ross. N acts like having Ross. I didn’t want a lawsuit or the suit.

  • Working "for" the Weekend (Mock Rock Star)

    I don’t give a crap about this post…is anyone in the Atlanta area looking for a current career student. I need a job that’s straight midnight’s Mon.-Thurs. where I can do my homework and very little work for U.

  • Dante Carter

    You must also know the suit if you want to win. Four other people are valued at negative one. So when choosing the suit to play a lawsuit at, be sure that it is reputable and independently reviewed, if possible.

  • BeReal

    Rick Ross is real stupid! Why let gossip cause you to loose money??? He only proves how stupid he is, whether he was an officer or not if you make good music people will buy!! Now he is going to have to go to court and pay money, time is money dumb ass!!

  • Angel88

    Who Cares I personally never likes him some obese man Now his cover has slipped I’m not that suprised!!!

  • Rozza♥

    Rick Ross is a big, fat, buttermilk-filled bastid who is soon going to start kicking over lemonade stands to get credibility back. Or maybe he’s going to start head butting boy scouts and jacking girl scouts’ cookies.

  • BeReal

    JJJ – i don’t think that spoiled my morning, I cheer for the USA but I am excited when someone from the Arican Diaspora wins!! Go Jamaica, the Jamaican runners where kicking butt in the preliminaries so I am not surprised.

  • BeReal

    @(tony) -even if he had a legitimate grip don’t you think it is stupid to get into a physical altercation when you are worth millions. Whether you win or not the other person is going to sue.

    History just keeps repeating itself with these rappers when will they learn?

  • chosen1

    Vlad on the ground- “help me officer, don’t just stand there!”

  • Mandah! has a "barbie mouth"??? B!tch Please!

    Rozza♥(Check me out!)

    Rick Ross is a big, fat, buttermilk-filled bastid who is soon going to start kicking over lemonade stands to get credibility back. Or maybe he’s going to start head butting boy scouts and jacking girl scouts’ cookies.


    dead @ the buttermilk filled!! lol how you doin mama!

  • PHILLY IN DA 323

    say what you want about the lawman

    but that round circle ufc style ass whuppin

    was pretty gangsta….in the literal sense

    but seeing how this is 2008….that was uneccessary and wack…-

  • Shavon Denise

    Wooow. Is he really THAT upset that the world found out about his past. I mean it is what it is, the truth is the truth but if you really was so “hard” or “trilla” Ross you wouldve beat him down yourself. Now you tryna be a boss and have your goons beat someone down and for what??? Its said that grown men have to display such b*tchas$$ness.

  • Sydney

    Good morning everyone!


    Yes, girl, I just heard the news about Tyson Gay (sad face). And I was surprised that both Williams sisters lost in the singles, but they still have a shot in the doubles for at least a silver, I believe.

    I see that you and Michael Phelps got hitched! Congrats! lol

  • Sydney


    Well, I’m married many a man in my dreams — Denzel, Omar Epps, Larenz Tate, etc. — so I understand, lol. Mike Phelps is doing phenomenally well at the Olympics — he has already broken Spitz’s record, right?

    I’ll still cheer for the remaining American in the 100, and I’ll look out for the Jamaicans as well. 🙂 I read that Gay still has a shot at a medal in the relays, so that’s good.

  • Bird

    This negro got hella issues. I’m starting to think the label is putting him up to these shananagans. “Look Rick we need our gangster rappers to at least have been corner boys at some point. Time in jail is even better. We can’t have law enforcement officers on our rap roster. Clean this legit job mess up or we are going to have to drop you.” They gonna make this boy kill somebody.

  • Sydney

    Correction: I think Phelps has tied Spitz’s record and needs one more win to break it.

    I’m also trying to get the latest on the allegedly underaged Chinese gymnasts. . .

  • Timmy Lee Jackson

    I just bought his album for my son because I thought he was a good man.




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