Ginuwine Speaks On Timbaland: “Me And Tim Were Real Close At One Point. I Don’t Really Like Him. I Really Don’t…”

- By Bossip Staff

In a recent interview with VIBE,Ginuwine dish the dirt on the relationship between him and producer Timbaland. These two came up at the same time, so one would think that they are still friends but… That is not the case:

“He really hasn’t been interested in working with me, so I can’t speak on the present,” Ginuwine tells VIBE of Timbaland. “But back in the days, it spoke for itself as far as him being the most sought after producer. Music was boring until he came out with that new sound. Back then, I would have described it as futuristic because it was something that had not been done and people jumped on it. If it wasn’t for him making that style as hot as it is, a lot of producers that’s out now maybe wouldn’t even be here.”

“Me and Tim were real close at one point. A lot of the times that I reached out, there were a bunch of excuses,” explains Ginuwine. “I begged and pleaded with him because I felt a certain way but I was like, is it just a bad vibe that I’m picking up on? Maybe I’m bugging out, I don’t know. But it came out to be true and I still feel like he owes me an apology for that. The reason I’m pissed off at him now is because of what he did. I would’ve been cool and not bothered him if he would’ve said, ‘Nah, I’m too busy,’ or gave me the lame excuse like he’s been giving me. But don’t do it and then not do what you’re supposed to do [to promote the song].”


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  • my2cents

    I have no real comment. Just wanted to say I would still ride Ginuwine’s pony AND his moustache. 😉

  • darkandpretty

    everything by theese two was my jam back in the day, & 1st!!!!!

  • tiny and TI is rich

    i used to mastabate to the thought of ginuwine bangin my back out and i would explode everytime

  • jai

    who the f cares……..ammm i ?

  • cruzan trini

    He sounds like such a girl.

    @ tiny and TI is rich
    He doesn’t look that good in person.

  • Matix B

    Where the hell is Magoo?

  • MR.Ynot

    what exactly happened with them

  • ceewalk

    I absolutely adore these two men. My fave male R&B artist & Producer…..sometimes it happens to the closest of friends~ I hope they can work it out.

  • darealwifey

    Sometimes people just need a change of pace. Sounds like Timberland was ready to grow up and expand his horizons, and Ginuwine didn’t want things to change. Even in a marriage, you have to give people room to change and grow. Hopefully, since Timb has been able to explore other avenues, he will consider helping an old friend again. He’s not obligated to, but sometimes it’s nice to go back to your roots.

  • prich

    Times change and people change. Hope Ginuwine got his paper right It’s a wrap! As for Tim he’s better in the studio. I really don’t want to hear him either. Ride off into the sunset.

  • TheMan

    now that Timb has his white artist he doesnt want the ones who made him famous

  • flawda

    Timbaland sold out to work with Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado. He hasn’t messed with Missy or Ginuwine lately. I find it funny Timbaland intentionally put out a pop album in Shack Value 2 and the album has flopped so bad, the thing has sold less than 200,000 copies so far.

  • ThatBKChick


    Thanks…you nailed Timberland on the head!

  • strawberry

    Man..I feel you Ginuwine. I had wondered the same thing too. Your first two albums were very hot. The third one was cool too even though he only produced one track and then he wasn’t on any more of your albums after that. I guess at that time he was working with Justin and Nelly. I wish that you two can make music again but it sounds like it will never be. Where is Missy and Magoo?

  • We Will Win

    Tim’s a sellout with an inflated ego. Nothing more, nothing less.

    He wants to be a white boy just like Jay-Z.

  • smittyt

    Who cares what these thugs like, to hell with all of these worthless no talent bastards in the entertainment business today.

  • Jinx

    Timbo sold out a while ago. Timbo’s music is wack now. Pop garbage.

  • Riiiiiggghhhtt...

    I figured there was some drama between them…after Aaliyah died none of them (Ginuwine, Missy, Timbaland) were really together any more after that. Missy is a solid producer on her own but made a better team with Timbaland. I’d take Ginuwine’s vocals over JT’s any day. But he does need solid producers to get back into the R&B mix. Even Usher is aging out of it and people aren’t feelin’ him anymore…Ginuwine is even older and needs some bangers to get back into the mix. Still love him though!

  • Plagueis The Wise

    Ginuwine has made Timba a lot of money and helped brought his name up in the game. Let’s not forget that he has sold millions of albums in the U.S. alone. I’d be kinda pissed at Tim too. Business and friendships don’t mix.

  • crys

    matrix b: i know!!! i loved magoo

  • Chocolate_Box

    I figured this was going on. Justin has taken Ginuwine’s style and image and made it his own. He is making way more money because he is white. Not to say he not talented . Because he is gifted.

    Timbaland is the total blame for this.I see why he would do it . He making more crossover dollas that Ginuwine couldn’t give him. But don’t through Ginuwine under the bus. The one that made it possible when U were first starting out.

    I think its more to this story. Timbaland did say once he didn’t want to work with rappers anymore. What he really was saying he want that crossover money.

    Ginuwine is totally right music was dead before Timbaland came along at that time period, He changed music to being more fun to listen to along with Missy,Aaliyah,Playa with the late Static “Major” Garrett(Ghost writer for a lot of Timbaland’s hits that Tim took credit for).They were doing it like no other.

    I miss that time period in music The 90’s

  • juliemango

    Can u stand his music Ginuwine???

  • alexis finkle

    G keep your head up boo! you dont need him! i bought your last album and my favorite song wasn’t produced by TIMBALAND!

  • Xster

    Ginuwine lost his touch when he left due to personal problems and Tim lost confidence in him. Tim is happy with the colorless audiences these days.

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