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Poor Whitney. She was booed again by the folks across the pond:

Whitney Houston failed to impress a sell-out crowd in Birmingham last night, irritating her fans with a 15-minute costume change mid-way through.
It was Whitney Houston’s first UK gig in 11 years, but the two hour show did not win over the crowd, with one fan saying afterwards: “It was the worst concert I’ve ever been to in my life.” Daily Star music critic Kim Dawson said that Whitney – who has been forced to postpone three UK concerts due to a chest infection – was “out of time and struggling for breath” at one point. But fans became restless when Whitney’s mid-show outfit change left them waiting for around 15 minutes.

Boos and jeers of: “Where are you” filled the arena. On returning to the stage in a sparkly black dress she said: “I heard you got a little p***ed off while I changed my clothes and dried off. But I’m here now.”

Damn, if they’re saying it was the worst concert they’ve ever seen in their lives, that shyte had to be BAD. Come on, Nippy!! Get it together…leave those rocks alone. Please. For the love of GOD!

One of the horrible performances below:


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  • I'm Bianca and I'ma say it

    Whitney will never be the same.it’s a shame she was one of the worlds greatest singers.their will never be another Whitney.

  • Shameka

    She sound like crap… This was one of my favorite songs too. I would have booed too because this is not it.



  • http://bossip.com Girl BYE!!

    LOL…. would yall just leave Whitney alone. You KNOW you got someone in your family like this, all you can do it just pray for them. Whitney boo, I still heart you…AMEN..lol!

  • Slave4Music

    I think she sounds fine, even on that song which is really too young for a 46-year old. If performers who can’t hold a note receive raving reviews, then I don’t understand why a singer who’s still the best thing around can’t. People’s music taste = #fail

  • BK

    I’m the biggest WH fan, but its time to put the mic down, plug out the lights and leave the building, let it be what it was. She sound like a WHitney fan trying to do Whitney in the shower.

  • Theorius Stylez

    Maybe she will strip bu tt nak ed & go lay in the gutter like Erykah Badu. Thats what crack head’s do,right? Crack head is the new style. ROTFLMBAO!!!!!! 😉


    Crack is wack!!

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    Keep ya head up Whitney

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  • Detroit

    OMG,This is so heart breaking…..We need to pray for our sista instead of making jokes! keep ure head up sis! Still got love u Nippy!!

  • Manuel

    Folks no worries………Witney has no time to read that trash….do not believe everything you read….I live in europe and i know a few people who have been to that concert…she was never booed….this is pure B*S

  • charlotte

    She should’ve put that little Asian kid who sounds like her behind stage and she lip sing to him.

  • Jane Doe

    She was not booed, that’s just a bunch of lies!!! i know people who went and they enjoyed themselves.

  • Jo-An

    Poor Whitney!! Give her a break, This is so sad she was so talented and such a great performer. Yeah I really think you should try acting..You’re in my prayers Wit…

  • WhyDoWeLookFortheWorst?

    If Whitney IS on drugs again, what does that do for you? That information and your carfare will get your behind home tonite.

    I may be old school, but I was taught to build up and not to tear anyone down.

    Betty Shabazz, wife of Malcolm X, admonishes us to “accept the good” of whomever we come into contact with. We all have issues and flaws, but we all have some good in us, as well.

    Why can’t we wish her the best for whatever ails her, instead of this “I TOLD YOU SO” mentality.

    Nip ain’t going nowhere, haters.

    And by the way, NONE OF US ARE WHO WE WERE YESTERDAY. So what’s your point. Nothing stays up forever; what goes up MUST come down, so simmer down, haters . .. if Whitney’s career is over, it won’t be because of you. It’s a decision that Whitney will make, and that decision will come out of love, not hate.

    haters, ugh!!!

    I wish the same for you all as you wish for Whitney. If you wish Whitney well, then it’s all good; if you wish her ill, then I wish the same for you!

  • !!!!!


  • ErycaK

    Glad Whitney is still out there making her money. Hopefully being back out on the road will be theraputic for her.

  • Just Bored

    Madonna is still doing her thing and dancing hard and she is over 50. the age thing doesn’t fly anymore. I think it’s mental and physical fitness that is the key. Even Michael was struggling hard because he wasn’t in top form.

    That said, I wish some stars would know when it’s time to go to Las Vegas and get their sparkly, over the top show on for the 50+ gambling crowd. Even Celine, as good as she is, knew where to take her low vibe songs, and make it work, without having to dance for over three hours.

    Maybe Whitney just needs new management? Call me….

  • GG

    For the love of god!!!! She sounds horrible. She is not even singing, she is talking her way through the song. Those crack filled lungs has really messed up her voice.

  • Krusher Kronkite

    God doesn’t like ugly Whitney! Bobby is once again “King of the Stage”.

    Journalism in its Form/mediaanarchist.wordpress.com

  • Chocolateer

    Its almost unfortunate that Whitney’s pre-addiction days make listening to her now practically unbearable. To know that at one time she was one of the industrys’ most talented artist at the top of her game, to now having been reduced to a substandard vocalist, is just sad.
    I do believe that there is life after a singing career though. And if sobriety becomes a priority in her life, there’s nothing she can’t accomplish.

  • MusicLover

    She didn’t get booed….i was there….they booed while she was on stage….they booed during the intermission

  • MusicLover

    WHITNEY HOUSTON IS BACK!!APRIL 14, 2010, 11:10 am
    “The pipes were in full working order… (Whitney) was engaged and happy to be on stage…She’s definitely back.” – The Guardian

    “You could not help but admire a performer who, in the face of the negative press, stood up tonight to give her all. And Houston gave all she could.” – The Independent

    “Still a hugely charismatic performer” – The Times

    “The power of the voice is still there after all these years.” – Daily Mirror

    Last night Whitney Houston launched the European leg of her World tour with a commanding performance in Birmingham (UK) pleasing both fans and critics alike.

    Performing hits such as “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”, “I Look to You”, “I Will Always Love You” and “Million Dollar Bill”, Whitney clearly enjoyed every second of her return to the UK stage as over 11,000 fans cheered her on.

    Entertaining the crowd along with Whitney was a fantastic band, energetically choreographed dancers, and a beautiful multifunction stage set designed by world-renowned designer Baz Halpin (who has previously worked with Cher, Tina Turner, Pink, Michael Buble and Cirque de Soleil.)

    After a brief illness which caused her to reschedule 4 of her earlier shows, Whitney has showed the world she is back in full force with a strong show to entertain her fans.

    Whitney’s tour continues over the next two months in Europe.

  • BBBEE25

    Love you Whit!

  • hazycrazy

    LMFAO! “How low can u go!” this chick needs to give it up and move on to something else!

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