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Ajike Owens Susan Lorincz

Source: Marion County Sheriff’s Office / Ben Crump

All we know is that this lady better be convicted and go to prison prison.

Susan Lorincz is a “psycho” according to one of the many police officers who responded to many of her calls complaining about the children who play gleefully in “her” neighborhood. This woman must be mentally stuck in the 1800s because she clearly fancies herself as some type of overseer who has authority over the melanted youth. According to ABC News, Marion County Sheriff’s Officer released very revealing body camera footage of one of Lorincz’s encounters with police where she plays victim…


Aw, boo-hoo the CHILDREN are “iNtImIdAtInG” your grown a** and rightfully called you “Karen.”  Such a hard life. So sad. Someone should play a very, very, very small violin for your anguish and suffering.

In another body camera video that was obtained by HuffPo, we actually see Ajike “AJ” Owens in February 2022 calmly and rationally explaining to police her issue with the woman who would eventually go on to kill her in cold blood.


In yet another body camera video, according to The Huffington Post, police can be seen talking to children in the area and several of them claim that an aggressive Lorincz would call them the N-word and other racist slurs.

In one bodycam interview from April, half a dozen children tell a deputy responding to another complaint by Lorincz that she had repeatedly been “aggressive,” yelling profanities and racial slurs at them. A 10-year-old girl combing the hair of her mermaid Barbie tells the deputy that Lorincz called the neighborhood kids the N-word; an older girl says the woman had also called them “sex slave bastards.” After the June shooting, Owens’ son told police that Lorincz had previously told him, “This isn’t the underground railroad, slave,” according to the arrest affidavit.


Again, this woman needs to go to PRISON prison.


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