Iman’s Precious Daughter Was Happy As A Hippo

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Just because a supermodel and an athlete have a baby doesn’t mean the kid’s gonna luck out with the genes. Zulekha Haywood’s parents are Iman and basketball great Spencer Haywood and she still ended up tipping the scales at 330 pounds. She used to let her boo hop in the shower first, just so he wouldn’t see her struggle to get out of bed. Pop the hood to find out if this tale has a happy ending

Zulekha Haywood struggled with obesity for most of her young life but when diet advice from her parents like Iman’s “Basta” diet (enough, in Italian) and dad’s “Eat Like A Pig, Run Like A Horse,” couldn’t help her shed the pounds, at 28 she decided to get gastric bypass. Haywood shared her story in the latest issue of Glamour Magazine, peep an interesting excerpt below:

When Eric used to spend the night, I’d tell him to shower while I made the bed and put on coffee. “The hot water’s tricky sometimes,” I’d assure him, flashing him a smile.

But the plumbing in my building was fine. The truth: At 330 pounds, I had developed heel spurs and swollen knees that made it excruciatingly painful to stand up after lying down for eight hours, so getting out of bed was always an orchestrated event. I’d send any man who slept over off to shower, and once the coast was clear, I’d swing my legs out and put my feet on the ground gingerly, allowing the blood to return to my feet and legs. After a minute, I could stand. After another minute, I was comfortable enough to start walking.

Determined to get healthy before age 30 Zulekha had gastric bypass surgery, but the most surprising result wasn’t her appearance.

A year later I was 160 pounds and, because of my height, a size 6. A staggering number of people walked up to me asking if I was a model. To my surprise, it really bugged me—it still does… It was one of many postsurgery realizations: Stacked Zu laughed loudly and often, always the plus-size life of the party. Slender Zu, on the other hand—well, that chick can occasionally be prickly.

Dayummmm 330 lbs at 28 years old??? That’s a whole lotta lovin’ right there. The twisted part of the story is that three years later, she’s half her former weight, but annoyed at the unwanted attention — even going so far as to say the extra weight weeded out the losers who approach her now. She also claims she was less of a beyatch when she was one of the big girls. Sounds like she can’t win for losing.


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