Unarmed Black Man Jawan Dallas Killed By Police

Cops Kill People: Mobile, Alabama Police Accused Of Tasering & Beating Unarmed Black Man Jawan Dallas To Death In Front Of Witnesses

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Police officer George Aguirre holds a Taser fitted with a video camera (lower left) in Brentwood, Calif., on Wednesday, July 21, 2010. The camera is activated every time police officers aim the electric stun gun

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Police killing Black men in Alabama is practically an Amerikkkan tradition.

Jawan “Ja” Dallas was killed by officers in Mobile, Alabama on June 2 while responding to a call about a burglary at a trailer park. According to Fox10TV, the park manager and several of the residents witnessed the killing and fully refute everything that police have said about the incident so far. The witnesses did not want to be publicly identified for obvious reasons but the couple who initially called the police said that Dallas was at least 200 yards away from the burglarized trailer in question.

“He was tased, beaten, according to eyewitness accounts – tased multiple times,” he said. “And he died as a result. This is bad. We’re not gonna sugarcoat it. This is bad. The city of Mobile has gotta answer for this one.”

Harry Daniels, the lawyer representing the family, told NewsOne exclusively that they are demanding that the Mobile Police Department released the body camera footage of the incident to the public immediately.

“Jawan Dallas wasn’t even near the scene but these officers decided that he was a suspect and tazed him until he died,” civil rights attorney Harry Daniels said in a statement. “This isn’t speculation. This is an eye-witness statement and if the Mobile Police Department wants to dispute they need to release the body cam video.”

Our eyes are fixed on this one and we’ll have all the updates as soon as they become available.


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