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Pool Party

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In today’s episode of Krazed Karen Kommotion, a white woman in a bikini was caught on camera in the midst of a racist tirade against Latino people who were committing the egregious crime of*checks notes*—existing at an apartment complex swimming pool in Lakewood, Colorado.

“You have a f—king Mexican party in a pool. Trash,” Bikini Becky (Beckini?) can be heard saying.

Then Pool Party Patty noticed someone was recording her and the woman who apparently thinks it’s illegal for Mexicans to swim in public around the Fourth of July also appears to think it’s illegal for someone to record her without her consent. (Karen Crow laws are weird, I know.)

“You can’t do that. You can’t just record me,” she squealed before slapping the phone out of the camera person’s hand (the only act that was actually illegal).

The video cuts to Swimming-in-white-tears Susan lounging in a beach chair while continuing to show that she suffers from a severe Caucasian allergy to minding her own business when brown people are around. A man can be seen trying to restrain Klan-ish Karrol, but that doesn’t stop her racist rant.

“You’re nasty! You smell,” she shrieked while people huddled around her.

First of all, I know this white woman isn’t out here talking about how people smell as if Karens don’t commonly carry the scent of bologna and a thousand earring backs. Imagine the caucasity of coming in last in the Leg-Washing Olympics but still having something to say about someone else’s hygiene. But I digress.

“Get the f–k out,” she shouted at someone off-camera after they suggested she should simply leave if she can’t handle seeing non-white people enjoy themselves. “Go back down to Denver.”

“I live here, nowhere you ever came from, you f–king low-class slime,” she continued.

Lakewood is about 82% white, which is likely why Trump-ish Trisha assumed the brown swimmers she wanted to exterminate were from Denver, which is about 30% Hispanic and Latino.

Anyway, according to the Daily MailNazi Nancy has been identified as 49-year-old Blair Featherman, an art consultant who used to work at Master’s Gallery Denver.


(That would be the same Denver she believes is the only natural habitat in Colorado for Mexicans. I also wouldn’t be surprised if she got fired for repeatedly suggesting they change the name to “Massa’s Gallery.”) In response to the viral video, the art gallery said in a statement that its representatives “condemn any actions or statements expressing hatred or racism.”

The end of the video shows Featherman talking to police officers, who, hopefully, explained to Hateful Hellen that it’s not actually illegal to be a person of color where white people don’t think they belong.


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