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We were completely speechless when we heard about this 3rd grader in Pittsburgh bringing approximately 60 baggies of what is suppose to be heroin to school labeled… “TRUST ME”. Then had the nerve to pass them out to the students… JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!!

WILKINSBURG, Pa. –An 8-year-old was play-acting the things that he sees in his neighborhood when he brought packaged heroin to his Wilkinsburg school and started trying to hand it out to others, police said.

Wilkinsburg police are still investigating Tuesday’s incident at Turner Elementary School, where students on the playground said a boy was trying to pass out small paper bags that police said were stamp bags of heroin.

“It’s a sad day when you have this type of situation where an 8-year-old child would have his hands on this much narcotics,” Wilkinsburg police Chief Ophelia Coleman. “He was emulating what he had seen in the streets.”

WTAE Channel 4 Action News’ Sheldon Ingram reported that the school first heard of the incident when a student’s grandparent told school officials that a fellow student offered her grandson drugs and asked him if he wanted to snort some.

Police said the child had around 80 bags which had a street value of $800.

At a news conference on Wednesday, police said 18 bags were empty but the contents were not ingested by students.

The child who had the drugs is not a local resident, according to police, and the school superintendent said his mother falsified their address to get him into the Wilkinsburg School District.

Investigators also told Channel 4 Action News that the boy was imitating drug dealers he saw in his own Pittsburgh neighborhood.

“I don’t think he had a malicious thought on his mind at all. He was going through the act of something he saw on television, the streets or part of his environment,” said Superintendent Archie Perrin.

Police did not say where the boy got the drugs or which neighborhood he lives in. However, police did say they know who they’re looking for and are meeting with the district attorney to discuss charges.




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