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Good Day Bossip Readers! What’s better than sex? An orgasm. What’s better than an orgasm? A full-body one! Orgasm, by definition, means “a climax of sexual excitement characterized by strong feelings of pleasure and by a series of involuntary contractions of the muscles of the genitals, usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen by the male.” Pause. Women can ejaculate also and it’s normally the result of a full-body orgasm! Surprisingly, a full-body or expanded orgasm is a fairly new concept for Western culture, however, many ancient civilizations believed that sex was incomplete without a total body experience. While it lacks an official definition, it is described as: “any sexual experience more intense and extensive than a regular orgasm. It includes a range of sensations that include orgasms that last from a few minutes to many hours.” Obviously, a deep connection with your partner is the main ingredient, as intimacy cannot be faked, nor can you enjoy the experience without a certain level of trust and being comfortable. Check out these things you can do with your partner to heighten your sexual endeavors!

Relax – having an orgasm means that your muscles will contract involuntarily, so why are you tensing up beforehand? Make sense? In order to achieve that explosive feeling throughout the entire body, you have to relax. When you’re tense or clenching certain areas of your body, like the shoulders and neck, it’s harder for the energies to flow versus a relaxed and sound body. Seriously, check the shoulders, if they’re sort of jacked up to your ears almost, then you need to relax. Which brings us to the next tip!

Breathe – When you feel yourself reaching the peak of your arousal. Don’t stop breathing! A lot of times, we do this a lot without knowing. If you take deep breaths deep into your diaphragm you can actually feel the climax intensify as you’re breathing. When you finally release, you’ll feel it throughout your body. That spasmodic jerking and the shakes should occur all at once, so try not to let those quick impulses to release take over the moment. Mind over matter … breathe!

Visualize – believe it or not, visualization is a huge part of achieving any feat. So when you’re enjoying intimacy with your partner picture a wave of energy or a glow that envelops you and your lover, you can even give them a color, and sort of visualize them coming together. With practice you’ll start to feel the fusion of your vibrations. It’s about sharing a continuous flow of energy. If you do this, you’ll notice that you might start breathing together or simultaneously inhaling and exhaling. Again, breathing deeply is a huge part of this practice! Not only can you enhance your orgasm, you might end up having one together.

Redirect Your Focus – while in the midst of an intimate session, we tend to focus on the mid-region and the obvious body parts that heighten arousal. But let’s not forget that the body is loaded with nerve endings that can gives off vibrations of euphoria. A gentle tugging of the hair and a whisper in the ear or broad hand strokes from the base of the spine up through the scalp are good ways to spark the senses. Exploration is key.

Work Your Parts – a large part of having better orgasms is awareness. Exercise your pelvis and strengthen your PC muscles with Kegel exercises. Also, any core strengthening, like yoga or pilates, helps maximize blood flow to your pelvic region! Building and strengthening this muscle group will ultimately result in stronger, longer orgasms! Fellas, you can do Kegel exercises and yoga too, so be open to try it!

Of course, you can’t expect optimal results on the first try, but with practice and communication, you can’t go wrong.It’s like anything else, if you’re going to do it, do it right! Go hard or go home! But most of all, try new things with your partner that will bring you closer and take your romance to another level . . . sky is the limit!

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