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ALLBLK’s sexily scandalous legal drama LACE is back with a second season and BOSSIP’s got an exclusive clip.



Once again LACE follows an influential lawyer, her elite clientele, and the sexy scandals that play out in the courtroom, boardroom, and bedroom as she and her firm navigate clients, cases, exclusive call-girl (and boy) services, and their personal lives.

After the explosive events of last season, the incomparable Lacey McCullough’s (Maryam Basir) world has been thrown into a downward spiral. A press release reports that this season, Lacey’s enemies are finally closing in, culminated by a large-scale FBI investigation, leaving the future of Lacey and McCullough & Associates hanging in the balance.

Lacey’s right-hand man and loyal confidante has departed the firm for good…disappearing without a trace. And, after exhausting all appeals, Lacey’s determined to get her mother out of prison. But, with the firm in flux, she will need to figure out who she can and cannot trust all whilst her personal relationship is crumbling, and she is in danger of losing custody of her daughter. Though this prolific lawyer is renowned for getting things done…by any means necessary for her rich and powerful clientele, will she be able to work her magic when it’s her own life on the line?

LACE Exclusive Clip

In an exclusive clip from the latest episode, we see Terrance urging Denim to drop his story about Britney DeVeaux. The journalist is adamant that there’s something fishy about her, but Terrance says he’s barking up the wrong tree.

“The more you attack the firm, the harder you make her life,” says Terrance. “There’s nothing there, if there were the FBI would’ve found it already.”

“I”m not interested in sacrificing a successful Black woman just to win an award,” he adds when Denim wonders why he wants the story dropped.


Take an exclusive look below.


LACE is currently streaming on ALLBLK.


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