Mary J. in a Kini

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Mary J. Blige flaunted her little bikini body while vacationing with husband Kendu in Saint Tropez recently. Please Mary don’t hurt ’em in the kini, but Kendu, on the other hand, needs a little work. He’s got that master tubby bear steez on lock. Looking 8 months pregnant…

More Mary vacation pics are just a click away…

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  • I'm Just Me (now calm your boys, cause I am finding it a little hard to concentrate with all the noise) VIRGOS STAND UP!!


  • Re (Birthday in 12 days!)

    If she could just push down the top of the bottom peice of the ‘kini…it’s climbing up her neck.

  • I'm Just Me (now calm your boys, cause I am finding it a little hard to concentrate with all the noise) VIRGOS STAND UP!!

    For s millisecond I thought that was Ricky Ross with the beard shaved down a bit…Wrong!!!

    Mary Looks Really nice. She works hard to stay in shape. Go GIRL!

  • BossLady

    A very good look Mary. Age is priceless. It teaches you alot. I’m glad for her. She really looks happy and you don’t hear any bs about her and kendu.

    But isn’t it funny how everyone is wondering when Beyonce’ will have children and not Mary?

  • Re (Birthday in 12 days!)


    Mary has said many-a-time she does not want to have children. Something about not wanting her children to be subjected to the same kind of abuse she went through…

  • Aunt Viv

    Mary looks great, but Kendu’s outfit is better suited for an afternoon at the local pool.

  • Afiya

    UMM…Oh-Kay…um…looks like she’s having a good time…

  • ~*MahoganyGyrl (sorry Im from Brooklyn)*~

    ~*Get It Mary, I wanna be just like her when I grow up lol……*~

  • yabaz

    lookin good

    ——————————————–, the NUMBER 1 gossip directory

  • Michelle W.

    Cute, but why is she wearing that high waisted 1991 bikini?

  • mz.cee

    For a hot sec. I thought that was Serena there, so yea Mary J. looking good in that kini!

  • luvchild

    I like the front of the bikini but not the back. That bottom wasn’t made for black women, like Guess Jeans.

  • Earth Sign {my daughter will be the first female President}

    Go Mary!!

  • BossLady

    She is wearing an AGE APPROPRIATE two piece…..GO MARY!!!!

    @ Re

    Duly Noted

  • guilty pleasure

    * on my way to the gym *


    She looks absolutely great

  • Vino

    Mary’s ‘tocks is lookin right. that busta betta get his game up, cause nias like V is waitin

  • Vino

    In fact, been wantin to beat

  • Lady

    The only thing I can say is she looks great!!!

  • Aoki Lee

    Mary looks fab! Well rested healthy fit… but what’s up w/ her man? Kendu looks shady to me I don’t know Mare you might want to make sure he’s all he say’s he is.

  • The Grundle


    I think I just turned gay

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    Do they SPEAK ENGlisH in St. TRopeZ?

  • jackjack

    If Im going to work to look good for my man, he betta do the same. As a woman I dont want to look at a big ass belly either…I dont care how long and strong you comin’. You cant tell me that gut doesnt have him huffin’ and puffin’. Gross.

  • Epitome Of Effortless Beauty

    Damn, What the hell happened to Kendu? Well at least Mary looks good…

  • Johan Cunningham

    Mary was there when i arrived, so it was nice to meet her. We were so happy when we arrived at the local pool. I’ve been to the local pool before, but didn’t know how long I’d stay an afternoon.

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