Whitney Houston Time For You To Sit Down Because Little Taiwanese Lin Yu Chun Has Blown You Out The Water

- By Bossip Staff

Whitney Houston is being out done on her own songs. On a Taiwanese TV talent show, Lin Yu Chun sanged the hell out of Whitney Houston’s jawn (which really belongs to Dolly Parton), “I Will Always Love You”.

Pop the Top for a Peek…

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Little Lin Yu Chun is no Whitney but this kid is definitely doing a lot better than she is now-a-days.

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  • ebony blonde

    hes gay
    softer than a down pillow & sweeter than a gummy bear

  • Tsk Tsk

    This article is SHIET! Now I know you colmnists are fking retarded! You shouldn’t even think of writing such BULL!

  • mekamac


  • rain

    somebody white is behind this bull,to say the some really beloged to dollypardon,bit@ch please

  • Aunt Viv

    The song “I will always love you” was originally done by Dolly Parton. Whitney just sang it better.

  • http://www.myspace.com/Chocolate_box777 Chocolate_Box

    He was ok but ABSOLUTELY NOONE can top Whitney singing that song in her prime. Not even Jennifer Hudson

  • Daisy

    This is old news

  • currvalicious

    Whitney Houston is finished!!!! She looks like an old woman, she has false teeth & wears old lady hairstyles. She ruined God’s instrument, which was her magnificent voice. I’ve heard her live, there’s clearly a problem. She needs to just sit down & focus on acting on something.

  • http://www.thenoireffect.com GotYou

    Even though Dolly Parton wrote, and originally recorded the song, Whitney Houston owns it. That’s her shit. She can never sing that tune proper ever again, but when she recorded it no one could top her and no one ever will. It’s better to build and uplift than tear down. Over this media degrading Ms. Houston.


    w w w . t h e n o i r e f f e c t . c o m

  • Yuh dun Know.....

    Eh, he’s alright.

    He sings too soft, but he does have a pretty decent voice.

    Dont know about out singing Whiney in her prime though.

    BUT….I can say that its a wrap for Whitney NOW. Okay, okay…..so she could do the dayum thing way back when. That’s over. She will always be able to hold and claim that title, but she must realize that she isnt the same person nor has the same singing voice that she once had.

    Being on drugs and being with a no-good man can have DEVASTATING outcomes……

    So long Whit…..time to sit down now.

  • Yuh dun Know.....

    And no one is tearing her down.

    People are being real.

    Are we always supposed to have something nice to say when it comes to black people so it wont seem as though we are “kicking them while they are down”??

    Black people have always showed “tough love” towards one another. If you cant handle the heat, the get the fluck out the kitchen!

    It is what it is…..she’s definitely not a has-been, but she need to find another niche; maybe writing and/or producing??

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    yawn & leave Whit alone

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  • http://aol ebonieladi

    Aunt Viv
    4/16/10, 11:01:am
    The song “I will always love you” was originally done by Dolly Parton. Whitney just sang it better.
    You are absolutely right and every time that song gets played Dolly Parton gets paid and Whitney gets zip.

  • macori

    whitney does not sound good.

  • Dan

    Whoever wrote this must have mental issues, No one can ever touch Whitney on that song, and his version is much shorter/ lacks the power/emotion Whitney displayed. The more the media hates on Whitney is makes her fans like her more by her not quitting, and ppl want to support her, kind of like how the racist white bash Obama, but it helps them get stronger, and last I checked she is the one with the sold out tour dates. So keep on hating, Whitney is still the queen

  • Soul Man X


  • Theorius Stylez.


    Check out this page,Boys. ClarkeKent3000 told the fellas to read it, and I did last night. You will be AMAZED!!! Real talk. Thanks SuperDude!

  • pat

    all he did was hit the notes…control was off…no exceptional tone quality, a little pitchy…there’s plenty people worldwide who can hit all the notes of this song, but never capture what whitney did

  • nicky barnes

    The most amazing thing about this Asian kid(and the many other examples we’ve seen like him over the years), is how often the media tries to find someone of another race who can do WHAT BLACK PEOPLE DO. This kid as a few other astute posters have already noted, is doing a pale imitation of Whitney Houston. A mediocre, note for note impression of her. And he is NOT nailing it. MUCH LESS than ‘blowing her out of the water’. He has no power in his voice. None of the articulations and inflections that make Whitney’s performance what it is are present. He sings on pitch at least, and that’s pretty much the best of it. He is another GREAT WHITE HOPE(Asian, in this case). Let’s see what he sounds like, WITHOUT A MAP BY A GREAT SINGER to follow. Whitney Houston is the greatest singer of her generation. And likely, the generation that followed her. While her current efforts have been less than stellar, she like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and many others I could name, never needs to do ANYTHING else to prove her prowess. SHE IS LEGEND… That is all.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mialovesu_not Mia Faagai-Fualaau


  • bluekid

    I love Whitney, I hope she makes some money, but she needs to lay low and get better.

  • TheMan

    she is selling out 15,000 seat arenas and most of the fans are loving it and are continuing to buy tickets.

    Robert downy,jr was once worse off than Whitney and support from his people help make him one of the biggest stars again today, but i guess “our” folks didnt get that memo

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