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Is Marques Houston Jacking Trey Songz??? (GO)

Legalize It… Country Singer Willie Nelson Smokes Out Before Appearance On Larry King (GO)

Biggie’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit Dismissed [Court Documents Included] (GO)

HIV Predator Who Infected More Than 50 Women Released From Prison (GO)

Chief of Police During Rodney King Riots Dies (GO)

Celebrity ‘Recolonization’ of Africa? (GO)

Larry King And Shawn Southwick King: Friendliest Divorcing Couple Ever (GO)

Suicidal Statues Get NYPD Angry (GO)

Tila Tequila Still Has Nipples (GO)

No Butts About It: Celebrity-Inspired Butt Enhancement on the Rise (GO)

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  • she

    S e e k i n g A f f l u e n t c O m is a place for like-minded people who understand that intelligence, success and drive are key elements to attraction.

  • FGM

    Is Marques Houston Jacking Trey Songz???
    LOL!…hands on or off?

  • Blah

    LMAO @FGM!! But seriously I didn’t need to see his nuts.

  • Hmph

    Nope to those big azz drawz and peek-a-boo balls.

  • Hmph


  • hey now

    Marques Houston has ashy knees

  • pleasepeople

    why do i want to open my mouth

  • BritChick

    I need to disinfect my eyes!!!


    Ok, I see long saggy b alls… but I do not see the d ick print..OMG! What is that about..

  • Greg Oden aint no Ray J aka T Pain

    he ain’t packin….

  • marimari


  • Leon Boo*y Banger

    As a gay man this pic has turned me away from D*ck.. SMH ..

  • Yeah

    About the recolonization: Have we not figured out that celebrities or at least those with insane amounts of money will be the new world leaders? Are we not awake yet? So ya’ll think Oprah just opened that school up in Africa for kicks? Do you think Jay was playing when he said he runs that map? Stay sleep sheeple.

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