Hey Harpo! Is Your Real Daddy This World War II Vet??? Mississippi Man Claims Oprah Is His Seed

- By Bossip Staff

An ailing, 84-year-old World War II veteran is making a desperate plea to Oprah Winfrey: Please admit I’m your father!

Norh Robinson, a dirt-poor Mississippi farmer now living in a rural VA hospital, wants Oprah to submit to a paternity test that he says would once and for all prove that he sired her in 1954.

Robinson said he dreams of just once speaking with Oprah as father and daughter before he dies — and revealed that, years ago, he tried to reach the talk-show queen to beg her to agree to a DNA test.

“I told her [in a letter], if she wanted, I’d give her one,” Robinson told The Post in an exclusive interview this week.

In the letter, he placed mementos from his life, including his Social Security number and a picture of him from the Navy in World War II, he said.

“I never got no answer,” Robinson told The Post. “I never did get no answer. If I did, it didn’t get to me.”

The vet insisted he wasn’t looking to get his hands on Oprah’s millions.

“I’d like her to call me,” he said.

This week, the National Enquirer reported Robinson’s alleged tie to Oprah.

When reached in Kosciusko — the small town Winfrey ditched a half-century ago — Robinson insisted, “I’m her real father. I haven’t seen her since she was a kid. She was a little bitty thing.”

Robinson said that he met Oprah’s mom when they worked in the same part of Kosciusko and that he often drove her to and from work.

Is it cold-blooded for Oprah not to at least take the DNA test??? Or did this guy blow his shot at being a Daddy a long time ago? What do you think Harpo would say if a guest on her show was in the same position and had a shot at finding out the truth?


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  • http://myspace.com/150982834 Ladii G

    Oprah*s a bxtchh ; idont like that woman. she comes off very fakee & selfish.

  • elvagreen

    S e e k i n g A f f l u e n t c O m is a place for like-minded people who understand that intelligence, success and drive are key elements to attraction.

  • memchee

    WTF!!! Howz he gonna want to be known as her father when he no longer has to provide for her but only has something to gain?

    The dad she knows (who refused to take any money from her) has been and is the better father. He’s the one that pushed to be educated!!!

  • Sepia830

    @Ladii G

    Co-sign. I am reading Kitty Kelley’s biography of Oprah right now. I’m just on page 47 and already Oprah is exposed as a lying ho and a fraud. (And I really mean that “ho” part.)

    And what her father who raised her had to say about Gayle….ooh wee.

  • Just Bored

    Would have liked to see a picture of him to compare. The man that raised her successfully is her dad/father – sorry absentee man ๐Ÿ˜ฆ They always wanna show up when their kids make something of themselves. Damn shame.

  • http://thablackyoutube.com thablackyoutube

    Take the test, Oprah!

  • Ummmmmm....

    Sometimes its easier to forget and move on…regardless if someone is wealthy or not. That’s her choice, not his. Absentee parents take notice – your seed could be an Oprah one day and not want to pay you any attention just as you are doing them now!

  • DarthH8ter

    Where was this guy when Oprah was growing up. He was (allegedly) the father, he should have manned up 40+ years ago. She should do a rmix of Shaq’s song. “Winfrey is my father, cause my biological didn’t bother”.

    BTW, Oprah, I am your son.

  • Jockmeemoe

    Bump Oprah! She’s going to die alone anyways. I wish she would just take her behemoth behind and all the other overexposed celebrities like Rhianna, and go live on an island with no telephone, cameras or internet so we never have to hear from them again.

  • always knew

    Typical. He wasn’t ther for her growing up, but now he can come out and ask her for a paternity test. Blks kill me with the crap that they bring. What did he ever do for her? Or did he just show up with his hand out?

    FAIL. I hope Oprah sues him for h.a.r.a.s.s.m.e.n.t.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • http://twitter.com/thugpundit Clarkekent3000

    Black women eat their own!

  • http://bossip Keep it Real


  • gg

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  • always knew

    4/17/10, 12:52:pm
    Black women eat their own!

    is that the excuse that you tell yourself,
    when you choose non-blk women?

    And,Blk men kill their own. What’s your point? Stop with the generalizations. I thought you were smarter than that. I guess not.

    That was a really stupid statement that you made.But I can see why you would say something like that. Join the hater brigade against blk women..

  • always knew

    should’ve said, look the other way..

    excuse typo..

  • http://bossip.com MZLADYLUV


  • oh well...

    Meh…I’m not a fan of Harpo and never have been..somethings off about her, she acts like she’s a God

  • Truly.S.Blaque

    @ ALWAYS KNEW – Preach, girl. We have no idea why she has chosen not to have a relationship with this man or any other man/person in her life. Who the h*ll is anyone to say that she should take a DNA test?? If she doesn’t want a relationship with this man, then that’s her business. Whether he is her biological father or not.

    Anyone reading that “biography” as fact needs to check their mentals. The author (I refuse to call a grown woman, Kitty) was blacklisted by interviewers not because of Oprah’s power, but because she is an absolute joke in the literary world. What she writes are basically extended versions of a tabloid article. You could’ve picked up this week’s People mag and saved yourself some money. Her past books on celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan, etc, have all been widely discredited. Gotta be smarter, people…

  • Theorius Stylez.

    I know a woman who flew from California to Alabama to meet her dying father at the VA as well. She hadn’t seen him in 29yrs….since she was 8 years old. She told me that her Dad used to coach her soccer team on the military base, until her parents separated. That’s when she had to leave the team, but she remembers that her father still coached the team everyday, even though his daughter wasn’t on the team anymore.

    She, and her little brother as well, held resentment towards her father for years. However, she remembered the discipline of a military father and a hard working mother. She graduated from college and became very successful here in Cali.

    When she got off of the plane, and went to the VA, saw her Dad with her own eyes as a Woman in her late 30’s, she understood why he did what he did. She forgave him, because she told me “I couldn’t be the woman that I am today if my Dad would have been fighting with my mother for years.” She said that she realized that her mother was a great mother, and her father was a great father, and that it took a lot for her Dad to keep coaching that team without her being there. She was happy to hug her Dad, and she said that what meant the most to her, is that her Dad was happy that she was a woman. Not a little girl. She said that he always knew that she would be able to fly on her own and be a real woman.

    Sometimes, kids dont know the story, but the story doesn’t mean your parents dont love you. Just a theory for O.

  • Theorius Stylez.

    Also, a military man at the VA doesn’t want any money from his kids. He only want to see them as they are, before he meets his maker. I’m not the cold-hearted one here. Some of you are though.

  • always knew

    That still doesn’t explain why, like so many blk men are unaccountable or irresponsible about everything.Then when they are getting ready to die, he wants to talk or feel better about himself. Why is that her problem? And so what, him leaving her was not the reason that she was successful. It took years of hard work to get there. Most blk men don’t care anyway, or they wouldn’t have disappeared from their children’s lives to begin with.

  • Theorius Stylez.

    If it wasn’t for WWII Vets, we might be communicating in Japanese or German. Think about that. Denken Sie an das. ใใ‚Œใซใคใ„ใฆ่€ƒใˆใชใ•ใ„ใ€‚ (translation: think about that)

    This man deserves respect. His daughter should be proud to call this American Hero her father if the DNA test proves he is. Period.

  • Theorius Stylez.

    I have a question for you.
    When you break up with a boyfriend that you no longer want a relationship with, do you expect him to stay around or keep coming around, or do you want him to stay away from you and stay out of your business?

  • http://stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm6 We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    Let Miss Sophia do what she wants. After she denied Christ, I was done with her new age-y behind.

  • Theorius Stylez.

    Will you please answer my question?

    I have a question for you.
    When you break up with a boyfriend that you no longer want a relationship with, do you expect him to stay around or keep coming around, or do you want him to stay away from you and stay out of your business?

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