Are You Feeling This Getup?

- By Bossip Staff

Teyana Taylor turned up at the Brand Jordan Classic Awards Dinner last night rockin’ this butchie lil number. Pop the hood for more photos of her, Chris Paul, John Salley, Marsha Ambrosius, MC Lyte and more…

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  • law

    Damn she aging fast!


    i’m so NOT a fan of TT or that UGLY A$$ get-up she got on!!

  • Mannie

    What does she do again ?

  • SUKI


  • Ummmmmm....

    The hell?! Who told her that spruced up McDonald’s uniform was cute? FAIL!

  • peezy

    eww she is such a mess! im sorry….

  • http://aol ebonieladi

    Marsha Ambrosius from Floetry looks good. When is she going to come out with a CD? Her voice is fierce and she can definitely outsing a lot of these so-called R&B artists out here now. I guess that’s why the old artists are coming back. I hope Marsha does too and if she can’t hook up with Natalie maybe she can find another

  • true talk

    she’s ugly…. what is she famous for again?

  • Marquis de Sade

    See what happens when two ugly people get together and breed? They make an ugly baby. Damn, this b*tch is HURT!

  • macori


  • GotYou

    Can we please get an album. All these red carpet premiers and no product. I perceive her to be talented so let’s hear it.


    w w w . t h e n o i r e f f e c t . c o m

  • Mock Rock Star

    She’s young and trying hard to be different

  • juicyjessica

    I think TT looks cute…she has a different futuristic style that i think is cute and playful and very refreshing…she’s not tryin to be too much too soon. I do agree she should try to incorporate more femininity into her wardrobe… on a different note…what is she famous for again??I just remember her from the sweet16 episode where she did the barbie thing…

  • Interlude

    It’s cute enough. That’s her style.

  • lynne

    This is one “UGLy’ as girl. Like dam who is she suppose to be. big lip and ugly

  • Don'tGiveAWhat

    I thought this was going to be a post about fashion…. Strange, I don’t see any…


  • miss dior

    Chris paul is a nice dude, likes him. Teyana I see this girl all over the place what does she do?

  • thablackyoutube


  • Just Bored

    Who is she??? I saw her on MTV once having a birthday party I think, but still, no idea of what she does or who she is.

  • lilbabiphat2004

    forget the getup she got on. im more interested in that face she’s making ewwww

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    So love Teyanna’s hair & Chris Paul is dreamy 🙂


    Tey Tey got her own style…leave her alone. :p

  • Yo

    I think her outfit was a statement. I recently read that Janelle Monae was supposed to be in a photoshoot with Teyanna Taylor but she backed out because she thought it wasn’t good for her image to have a photoshoot with Teyanna. I think Teyanna was offended…so this her way of making fun of Janelle (she wears the black and white version of this outfit basically). Just a thought?!?!?

  • bmarie

    I think she’s cute! And as for the outfit, well, that IS her style… I like the fact that she leaves things to the imagination, though….

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