Racism Still Alive And Well: White Supremacy Rally In Los Angeles Gets Violent

- By Bossip Staff

A white supremacist group rallied against illegal immigration in downtown Los Angeles Saturday as hundreds of counter-protesters gathered to shout them down in a tense standoff that included several arrests, thrown rocks and police in riot gear.

Police officers stood between the white supremacists and counter-demonstrators on the south lawn of Los Angeles’ City Hall, where about 50 members of the National Socialist Movement waved American flags and swastika banners for about an hour.

Five people, all of them counter-protesters, were arrested on suspicion of throwing items, police said. The white supremacists, many of them wearing flack helmets and black military fatigue uniforms, shouted “Sieg Heil” before each of their speakers took the podium to taunt counter-protesters with racial, anti-Semitic and misogynistic epithets.

“We will meet you head on,” one of the white supremacists, whose name could not be made out over the fuzzy public address system, warned the crowd from behind several phalanxes of police in riot gear.

Members of the Detroit-based group said they picked the location for their rally because of Los Angeles’ large immigrant population. They accused some of the immigrants of stealing jobs and committing crimes.

Group members also said they were reacting to the recent number of street marches across the country encouraging legislators to enact reform that includes amnesty for some illegal immigrants.

National Socialist Movement regional director Jeffrey Russell Hall announced that the group would begin backing political candidates who agreed with their anti-immigrant message. But much of the white supremacists’ words were drowned out by such chants as “Hey hey, ho ho, Nazi scum have got to go” from the larger crowd of about 500 counter-protesters who held signs that read “Nazis: Get Out of Los Angeles” and “Racists Are Ignorant.”

There was a brief flare-up of violence before the speakers arrived. A shirtless man was seen being escorted to safety behind police lines by a plainclothes officer as counter-protesters punched and grabbed at him. Blood could be seen at the base of the man’s neck. As the rally ended, counter-protesters hurled rocks, branches and other items over the police line and into a parking lot where the white supremacists’ had left their cars.

Some members of the group had trouble starting a black Ford Mustang and attempted to hook up jumper cables to their engine. They protected themselves from the flying debris by holding up swastika-emblazoned shields.

The white supremacists eventually gave up and pushed their car away so they could jump-start it out of range of the projectiles.


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  • naheim

    stupid crackers, that is one of the main reasons that I HATE YOU CRACKERS SO MUCH,

  • rain

    S e e k i n g A f f l u e n t c O m is a place for like-minded people who understand that intelligence, success and drive are key elements to attraction.

  • Reality

    You know it’s a place you don’t want to start ish…. When the heil hitler cheer leaders need police protection. Welcome to LA, ” to live and die in LA” they shall find The city of Angels another battle ground; these are not the bayous lol.

  • DarthH8ter

    SUrprised the media didn’t call these nuts the tea party protesters.

  • Don'tGiveAWhat

    A πŸ˜€ and a πŸ˜‰ to the counter-protesters who were just ‘hood enough to throw ish at the d-bags as they were leaving. I like that in you. LOL

  • Reality

    One thing they should realize, is that there are more average people than nazi fakers today. It was only a matter of time before the tea party garbage was countered. This is but a start, they should have left that mess in Detroit; though the arsonists there shall light there ford retarded vehicles anyday πŸ™‚

  • Jamillah

    Most Americans should be against illegal immigration. This country is going down fast and when it goes down its taking us with it. When you have more illegal immigrants than legal citizens you have a major problem on your hands and thats where we’re headed.

  • Treez

    @ Jamillah

    you are one ignorant heffa. By any count, illegals’ are no where even close to outnumbering legal residents. I’m all for law and order, but when you make outlandish comments to support your position it makes you look 1) bat$h!t crazy and 2) like a big0t.

    Your comments, here and on other posts, display a clear hatred for other races and gays. You are no better than the racist whites in this article. After all the hate we and our ancestors have endured, it takes a really sick mind to make the comments you do.

  • Gimmeabreak78


    America was founded on the principle of illegal immigration. When did the Pilgrims on the Mayflower get greencards? No.body checked with the Native Americans before moving here. It’s hypocritical for the government or anyone else to get indignant about illegal immigration when everyone knows Native Americans lived here thousands of years before white people came over and took the same jobs and land that they are complaining about today.



    Sorry, but the country is going down to 3rd world status whether the illegals get thru or not. People have no idea what’s really going on. .

  • Mock Rock Star

    LOL @ their car not starting. Personally I’ve never had a problem with people coming to America. Why should they or us for that matter be force to live where we grew up. There’s a whole world to explore. As long as the “immigrants” aren’t coming up in your house and eating your food then in my eyes all this separation is uncalled for

  • ReALiSt AkA ReALiSt (Da KiNg)

    I see you had to go in on your masters today because they’re against ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS like yourself – i support the CRACKERZ on this one… Go back to your countries – we don’t need more people….ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • White Devil

    Mexico has a higher standard of living than Guatemala. It is much tougher to get from Guatemala into Mexico than it is to get from Mexico into the United States. Mexico seems to feel they have a right to control their southern border. The solution to Mexico’s problems is not for all Mexicans to move to the United States, which is what would happen if the borders were opened. Countries have a right to make rules about immigration. Unfortunately, legitimate arguments about immigration usually devolve into anti-Latino racism.

  • samech

    he looks like he’s about to get eaten alive…..

  • miss dior

    @ jamillah. Not you too, this is more than ignorant comment from u but I will let the others school u, geez.

  • smmmhhhhh

    @ real black chocolate

    are you okay? seriously cuz they way you talk seems as if someone you loved left you for a white man?

    you need to talk to somebody cuz all that hatred ain’t good for your health




  • CERO

    @ Redbonekillbill,

    While I don’t agree with white supremacist groups, your statement is just as untrue as some of their rants.

    Illegals have both taken jobs and driven down wages especially in border states. Years ago, everyone I knew worked fast food, restaurants, malls, hotels, grocery stores, cleaners, etc. These jobs helped us have and learn about money. These jobs took some of us to college and others to higher positions within the company. These jobs are no longer available for young Americans. All the behind the scene jobs are manned by people who obviously don’t speak English. Hell, I have even had to ask to speak to someone I could understand in drive throughs. My neices and their friends have no opportunity to be a part of the American workforce like I did. Travel north of California and east of Texas and you will still see Americans cleaning hotel rooms, working and lots of other jobs that are used as an excuse for the need of illegals. We had a “day without a Mexican” protest in LA and the city kept turning. Some of my family is in Houma, La and are in the seafood industry. They do dirty work and now they are worried about the influx or illegals. It’s a lie to say that they don’t take jobs and drive down wages. The first wave of illegals have even seen the newer ones take the jobs they took from Americans.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    I see my obsessed fan club is in the building. It’s nice to have people who claim they couldn’t less about me hang on to every word I say. The unprovoked attack reminds me of grade school boys who kick or push the girls they like because they are too emotionally stunted to express their true feelings like rational human beings.

    I’m sure simply ignoring my comments or disagreeing respectfully is too gargantuan a task for people with limited communication skills.

    Alas, I will continue to bask in the sunlight of all this unsolicited attention from my ~~detractors~~fans.

  • ReALiSt AkA ReALiSt (Da KiNg)

    Michael Steele, come get your illegal alien sister off this post for deportation!!

  • paychexx

    What surprise me is ” the detriot based group” isn’t detriot like 90% black?

  • MulattoMom

    Well people, if global warming is something that is imminent…then according to Darwin’s Theory on Natural Selection, white’s will have intermarry with people of color (darker skin) in order to survive. So…they won’t be fighting to preserve the “purity” of the white race, but scrambling to procreate with darker skinned people

  • http://www.tsn.ca super goon one

    I thought these were teabaggers.

  • http://www.tsn.ca super goon one

    @ Jamillah

    Let me tell you something. The Mexicans were there FIRST. Cali and Texas and New MEXICO were part of the country. It was stolen by the “explorers” in a quest to expand the border of the US. Look up “Manifest Destiny” If you are not native american, than be quiet. I’m tired of people who ancestors are from Europe tell everyone else where to live. Italians and Irish didn’t(and some still don’t) get papers before coming here. Where’s their call to go home? What about the Cubans Jamillah?

  • http://www.tsn.ca super goon one

    @White Devil.

    I agree. My problem is american kids would rather play on the computer than work. And they think their entitled to more than $4 an hour. If they want that… Form a union.

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