SMH: Weaknik Freaknik’s Little Comeback Turned Out To Be A Big Flop

- By Bossip Staff

People who ventured out to Freaknik this past weekend in Atlanta were sadly disappointed as One-Time f*cked it up for everyone:

Freaknik got off to a slow start, but a large crowd packed the street near Underground Atlanta Saturday night. One man was arrested at 11 p.m. for hitting a police officer in the back of the head with his fist. The officer was not injured. Police do not know what caused the man to lash out.

The man will be charged with simple battery, police said.

At 10:30 p.m., about 300 partygoers congregated on Peachtree Street near Underground. The crowd was a diverse group, including teenagers in five-inch high heels and super-skimpy mini-skirts and senior citizens.

Police told several men to pull their pants up.

At about 11:15, police had seen enough and roughly 50 SWAT and Red Dog unit officers with flashlights began combing through Underground and ordered people to disperse.

As a helicopter circled overhead, 20 more officers lined Peachtree Street and shouted to the crowd that “it is over, let’s go.”

Police at the scene said anyone at the scene after the nearby Five Points MARTA station closed would be arrested.

Byyo Young, 20, of west Atlanta, said he was at Underground with friends to find “a concert or barbecue.” He was disappointed.

“There’s no music or anything, just people standing next to the police,” said Young. “At least there’s a lot of nice ladies to look at.” Underground Precinct Commander Lt. Chris Tiernan said he spotted a group of potential troublemakers early in the evening but officers spoke to the crowd and dispersed them.

“We had some hooligans, but it has pretty much been real quiet,” said Tiernan. “We are letting them hang out until they get bored and go home.” “The people are here, but they’re [the police] running them away,” Allen said.

Del Amin, owner of Haagan-Dazs in Underground, said he was hoping the events coupled with the warm weather would be a nice start to the season. Instead, only a few families lingered in his ice cream shop.

“This is just the local hang-around crowd that is always here,” he said. “There’s no Freaknik and no real business.” Tre Diggz and half a dozen friends came downtown looking to find some of the sights their older siblings had told them of at the Freakniks past.

“I want to see some action,” Diggz said. The group was walking across Marietta Street at the intersection of Forsyth Street when an Atlanta Police officer blocking traffic began yelling.

“Get out of the street. Run them over. Let’s go,” the officer yelled toward the line of traffic trying to cross. The officer declined to give his name.

“I’m mad,” said Dreak Seledon, of Atlanta. “The police be harassing us for nothing. I wish I saw some old Freaknik parties.”

Diggz, Seledon and their friends said they planned to attend a Freaknik-themed party in Rockdale Saturday night. The streets were dead Friday night too.

Some Freaknik attendants appeared to come out at night after 10 p.m. Friday. People were walking around Downtown Atlanta from Woodruff Park to Marietta Street and from Centennial Olympic Park to Peachtree Street.

Ah, the days of old Freaknik will never be duplicated, but the real question is…why the f*ck were there “teenagers in five-inch high heels and super-skimpy mini-skirts and senior citizens.” Senior citizens??? Really?? SMH. That sounds like some straight comedy right there.


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  • Somali Ninga

    Who’s Freaknik?

  • gulfcoast

    So glad this turned out to be a flop, white people here in Atlanta were waiting to see and say “Look at those blacks carry on like savages”. Most of the people at these events were local thugs and hoochies who wouldn’t know the direction to a college. I would recommend that in lieu of parting, the local students should clean up the areas where colleges are located or volunteer to help the elderly, there will always be a chance to party.

  • I Am Legend

    freaknik use 2 be the ish back n the day

  • rainbone

    S e e k i n g A f f l u e n t c O m is a place for like-minded people who understand that intelligence, success and drive are key elements to attraction.

  • @briabria

    Stilletto skanks prob thought they were goin 2 find ballas to get impregnated by!
    Seniors aka predators will always be where the younguns are.
    I’m glad it was weak…less fuqqn trouble 4 the residents!

  • Matix B

    Freaknik hasn’t been popping since ’97, come to Canada for Caribanna in Toronto and Montreal, guys are cuter, girls are cuter and u get a real party! Not this broke down street funktival.

  • Looking for a Bossip Baby

    The senior citizens must have been people from the original Freaknik…hahaha!

  • Looking for a Bossip Baby

    Oh, and they should have told dude in the picture to pull his damn pants up

  • ErycaK

    Why is the most ignorant person in the crowd always the one that is quoted during an interview? SMH

  • Aaisha

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that’s friggin hilarious freaknik was a colossa disaster…now young ladies & men finding something productive to do with your time, volunteer to be a mentor, do sumptin. I swear some folk can’t wait to be freaked-OUT! Better luck next time.

  • Don'tGiveAWhat

    I guess would be the “ghetto revival” that that one chucklehead predicted on ‘The White Rapper Show’….

    Good – I’m glad that ish was an EPIC FAIL. “Freaknic” belongs exactly where it is – in the PAST….

  • Choco

    You know it’s sad when today’s youth is trying to bring back something that should’ve never been- LET IT GO ALREADY!

  • thablackyoutube

    Pure MADNESS!!!!

  • PraDaMaMa

    Not surprise…..

  • cw

    hahahahah finally!!! send all the hoes and pimps home…not happening this year skeesers!!!!!!! YES, i think this is the best news i’ve heard all day…FREAKNIC IS OFFICIALLY OVER 4ever!!!! woo-hoooo!!!!! i was sooo tired of that degrading mess anyway…now maybe we can get on a better road to educating these children instead of them all being freaks and skanks!! THANKS MAYOR OF ATLANTA!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!



  • super goon one


    Freanik is and was a party from the late 90’s. It was shut down, but revived.


    Im from Atlanta and I live only a few blocks from 5 points. That was not Freaknik or nic traffic. That is downtown ATLANTA EVERY WEEKEND. THey police were doing what they normally do after Underground clubs and games let out. Direct traffic. I got alot of close friends who are APD and they took the whole thing as a joke months ago when they heard it was coming back. I dont’ get why some people hate the police so much. If you are doing what you are surpose to do then There is no issue. I have been in Almost every city around the world and IM BLACK I have NEVER had any problems with 5-0. The people crying out the most are the ones doing the dirt.


    Freaknik has been done!!! i am shocked there was an attempted ressurection!!! lmao

  • jacqueline

    this is my future home!! holla at me atl men. im 22 lightskinned female in govt. need someone to help me get settled in next jan


    Who’s checkin for Freaknik in 2010?


  • free

    gulfcoast said: so glad this turned out to be a flop, white people here in Atlanta were waiting to see and say “Look at those blacks carry on like savages”. Most of the people at these events were local thugs and hoochies who wouldn’t know the direction to a college.



  • Kutta MoFo

    This is what happens unfortunately when black people can’t come out and represent themselves in an upholding, respectable manner.

  • caramel_mimi

    @ Matix B about Canada…I dont think so… i was there last year and the guys were not impressive and the females were all basic chicks. womp womp woooooomp…. FAIL…

    Glad I didnt go to the ATL that weekend but im sure I wouldnt have been in that area anyway.

  • nadaish

    I live downtown, and it was a bunch of hoodrats, ghetto n**** shown their a**. It made me ashamed to see how ignorant our people can be. There were a bunch of young kids bending over in the middle of the street and the ish wasn’t at all cute. Then you had some young wanna be thugs bust out a window with a brick at one of our local bars! Ignorance at it’s finest!!!!!! Thats all I gotta say.

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