More Campus Violence: Two Stabbings At Long Island School

- By Bossip Staff

What is up with all of these college students in the news for violence? A dorm-room party at CW Post in Long Island, NY turned into a free-for-all. At the end of the night, freshman football player Dominique Moody was among two stabbing victims. Pop the hood.

A campus party turned CW Post-al early yesterday morning.
A wild melee at the university on Long Island left two people with stab wounds — including a freshman football player — and four others injured.

Witnesses said the fracas — which broke out about 3 a.m. at a party thrown by a student in his cramped dorm room — spilled out into a hallway and left blood splattered the length of a corridor.

“There was blood from one end of the hall to the other,” said one dorm resident. “It looked like someone got shot. It was ridiculous. It was scary.”

A source said that Dominique Moody, a freshman linebacker originally from Texas, was stabbed in the ruckus, which involved about 30 people.

Details of his injuries were not disclosed, but he is expected to recover, police said.
A witness said that a female student was knocked unconscious during the fight and that another student was taken from the scene on a stretcher. None of the injuries are life-threatening, police said.

Sources said that the fight pitted CW Post students against an off-campus crew.
Police said they were investigating what started the fight and that no arrests had been made yesterday afternoon.

Isn’t college life supposed to be safer than life of the street?


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  • brrrickhouse

    in the words of rodney king…”cant we all just get along”!!

  • Somali Ninga

    It’d be scary if we had anouther Virginia Tech at another university.

  • W8aminute

    What is wrong with our people!!!

  • Matix B

    I swear, yall need to start up boxing program in the inner city youth so these cats can re-focus their anger and place it in a discipline (martial arts, boxing grappling, and karate) instead of just knifing people up!

  • Choco

    Kids today are so grown looking and full of act first think later which is sooo wrong!

  • ErycaK

    Matix B
    4/19/10, 14:50:pm

    I swear, yall need to start up boxing program in the inner city youth so these cats can re-focus their anger and place it in a discipline (martial arts, boxing grappling, and karate) instead of just knifing people up!

    I agree.. I did this for my son and he respected his boxing instructors. And they taught him to believe in himself, respect others and that his hands are a weapon that shouldn’t be used recklessly.

  • thenerd

    This is a damn shame. We got college students who are breaking the statistic trying to do positive things with their lives….and they die over some nonsense…..

  • Piney

    This is why blacks should not, under ANY circumstances, be allowed to get an education. Hahaha…

  • Gimmeabreak78

    This is depressing. Over the weekend in the Houston area, a Texas Southern University 18-year old freshman was gunned down at an off-campus party.

    It’s a sad day when even the kids who are on the right path in life are getting hurt and killed over foolishness.


    I went to a HBCU in Nashville, TSU ANd we had that problem alot. You have Locals who just want to LIVE the college life but not actually go to college. They mess-up campus parties, they Hangout in the Campus Center. It is Crazy. It is always Locals against College Students. They have nothing to loose but the college student have TONS

  • darkstarja

    If youth hasn’t learn from the crack epidemic of the 80’s and the rise of violence of the 90’s then a lot of youth are destined to repeat the same cycle

  • thablackyoutube

    Most people come out with some sort of Bachelor’s degree. What goal are these students aiming for?

  • FiveStar

    Rule #1 NEVER invite non-students to campus parties…somebody will always get jealous and start that I’m not a student…cuz I’m gansta speech and then they decide all college students aren’t hood enough, like them.

  • cwp student

    Really? It was a physical fight and the people from off campus got violent…he didn’t even know he was stabbed at the time… They’re all doing fine and will recover… Over dramatized media

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