Congrats: Raven Symone Is Keeping Up With Her Weight Loss

- By Bossip Staff

Raven Symone was spotted in New Orleans to help kick off the Hold Day of Service. Is it us or does she look a lot slimmer in the face? She must be keeping up on her diet regimen. That’s a good look.

More pics of Raven and Nick Cannon under the hood.

While Raven was in the N.O. Nick Cannon was in NYC working for the same cause. Good to see them giving back to those less fortunate.

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  • lisabeller

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  • ludamilla

    me don likey dis silly fat gurl eva sense she talk bad to wendy. dis is craze lil gurl

  • MrTavMarie

    that’s nice.

  • FiveStar

    Love Raven…great role model for my daughter! No scandal…yet

  • Mock Rock Star

    Keep up the good work Raven. U’re one of my favorite child stars!!!

  • Choco

    Love Raven but on Wendy Williams she had me scratching my head like what’s off about her…

  • tg

    You guys are crazy – you more concerned about her looks than the fact she is doing something wonderful for people who need food, etc. I think it’s great NICK and RAVEN are helping a worthy cause.

  • jtun

    Good job Nick

  • jtun

    Love Nick Cannon he is such a good role model

  • !!!!!


  • Liz

    She looks good skinny or pudgy!!

  • bbgrl

    raven is looking like, “whew! so glad i left those cheetah hoes early!” haha

  • Willy b hardigan

    Nick Cannon is such a MO

  • http://Bossip lady-mxj

    i’m proud of them both. positivity all day!!!

  • badbeach4life

    I like the Cheetah hoes, oops I mean Cheetah Girls. lol What’s wrong with that?

  • badbeach4life

    Im cheetah h* #2 rotfl. j/k

  • BBBEE25

    Looking good Raven keep it up.

  • ksdwoo9

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    YAY!! I love Raven! SAGITTARIUS’ STAND UP!!

    Nick is cool too, nice kid. =0)

  • ed

    she’s a big ugly heffa

  • Darryl

    I hope that diet don’t make them big azzed tittties get any smaller.

  • Darryl

    OK Mr. Censor – I hope that diet does not make her lusciously big azzed breastasis get smaller.

  • Jenny

    @she-said it, cosign 100%, which is why I have never liked Monique. When she was a stand-up comedian, she was preaching that “it’s ok to be disgustingly obese and skinny girls are evil” crap. Then once she realized she could be taken more seriously as an actress if she were thinner, all of a sudden the weight is coming off. She’s a hypocrit and a terrible role model for women. Obesity is NEVER ok, and as far as I’m concerned she’s no better than the people who encourage young models and pageant contestants to starve themselves to be rail thin.


    Good job Raven you are beautiful no matter your size. Let haters hate!

  • sexymike

    Positive people. Big ups to Raven&Nick.

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