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Ajike Owens Susan Lorincz

Source: Marion County Sheriff’s Office / Ben Crump

Susan Lorincz purposely shot and killed Ajike Owens in front of her young son after a long “alleged” history of calling him, and many other children in the neighborhood, racist slurs. BOSSIP has previously reported on the incident and noted the outrage that we and others felt after it was announced that Lorincz would not be facing a murder charge. Prosecutors have instead charged her with manslaughter. Today, news broke via WCJB that the body camera footage from the night of the shooting has been released to the public and it most certainly stirs up the feeling that the manslaughter charge is woefully inappropriate for the given circumstance.

We have published the video in full as it was released. We must warn you that while it is not gruesome, as Ajike’s body is blurred, it can be very disturbing to watch the post-shooting scene play out in real-time. That said, we will make specific mention of a 4-minute section of the footage where officers frantically try to revive Ajike to no avail. We highly advise that you take your mental health into consideration prior to pressing play.


Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Ajike Owens’ family and friends, but especially to her children who should have never had to watch their mother die on the lawn because some racist white broad thought she was justified in using deadly force. Hopefully, Loricz spends the remainder of her days in hell on earth before going to real hell.



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