R.I.P: LeRoi Moore

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

“LeRoi Moore, saxophonist and founding member of Dave Matthews Band, died unexpectedly Tuesday afternoon, August 19, 2008, at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles from sudden complications stemming from his June ATV accident on his farm near Charlottesville, Virginia. Moore had recently returned to his Los Angeles home to begin an intensive physical rehabilitation program.”

Our thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends. R.I.P.

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  • iluvprada


  • swoosh


  • iluvprada


  • Doagae

    Wow….this is not good….I did not know it was him….

    Black people, stay away from ATVs…for real…this is the last thing we should be dying from.

  • BeReal

    Man I don’t know if I could take one more celerity death this month…

  • Just Sayin

    RIP Brotha…

    A positive brotha doin positive things.


  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    R.I.P. bruh.

  • SWEET CHEEKS((Makes the people say Yeeeaaaa))

    Damn… RIP…

    They say it comes in 3’s – Hopefully thats it!!!

  • cutie pie*kindly putting people on blast est.1985*

    Was he doing some extereme sports or something??

    I didn’t know who he was but R.I.P.

  • k.k

    mmmm i dont kno him!



  • http://www.leeboys.com Mr. Lee

    RIP Brother.


    @ Cutie Pie

    Morning Momma.

    He was riding an ATV

  • Aunt Viv

    I like Dave Matthews Band!

    RIP LeRoi 😦

  • http://myspace.com/afiya00 Afiya -GO USA!!

    Dang…R.I.P LeRoi 😦

  • african_4_eva

    Blessings to him, his family and fans.

  • GGooDie

    Big Dave Matthews fan here. Sorry to see him go. RIP.

  • http://www.yabaz.com yabaz



    http://www.yabaz.com, the NUMBER 1 gossip directory

  • SDG

    We will miss your MAD skills LeRoi. DMB will never be the same.

  • Blacksmith

    He had broken ribs and one of those ribs punctured his lung. He needed therapy to get over all of that, but clearly it was too much damage done to his body.

    Rest, brother man.

  • flygyrldev

    So often we forget about our people who are not from the R&B/Hip-Hop scene. Their contributions are soooo important as well. Big Dave Matthews band Fan here. He will be missed. R.I.P LeRoi…

  • Candid Canuck


  • Seek the light beyond the shadows

    RIP to the man. The Dave Matthews band will not be the same with out him. What kind of stunt was he doing that punctured a lung?

  • DA TRUFF HURTZ!!! ( The Truth also Helps, Heals, & Hopes...)

    R.I.P: LeRoi Moore…

    Maybe this is the 3rd of the, “Death comes in three’s” that so many idiots were wishing for after Bernie Mac & Isaac Hayes passed away…

  • LouKane

    Da Truff Hurtz said:

    Maybe this is the 3rd of the, “Death comes in three’s” that so many idiots were wishing for after Bernie Mac & Isaac Hayes passed away…

    I said…

    Who exactly “wishes” for someone to die? I haven’t read any “wishes” of anything, other than peace and condolennces to the Hayes and McCollough families.

    It’s too bad people like you are mad at the world, and feel the need to project that anger towards others.

  • LouKane

    Made me forget why I came here in the first place…

    RIP Brother Moore

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