Fill In The Blank

- By Bossip Staff

‘Tasia and Ray-J were all up on each other at the VH1 Upfront event last night.

Fill In The Blank: Ray-J probably _____________________ last night.

Pop it for more pics…

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  • Aunt Esther

    hit that

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    I’ll be staying in room 305 so come thru so I can tap that azz like I did to KIm,aight! LOL

    Anyways Ray looks nice,Tasia looks cute,Latifah looks good & Terell Owens is looking mighty handsome…Loving his attire.

  • Nati Girl

    YUP!! HIT THAT is right… I must admit T.O is looking good these days…

  • tg

    If you ask me, they both need publicity – THAT’s ALL. Fantasia is NOT RAY-J’s type – come on. This guy thinks he’s the cream of crop. He probably went home with a BECKY.

  • queen

    S e e k i n g A f f l u e n t c O m is a place for like-minded people who understand that intelligence, success and drive are key elements to attraction.

  • my2cents

    Let the homies smash it???

    This is the best I’ve EVER seen Fantasia look.

  • STFU

    Ray J hosted a boat ride last year and he IS NOT interested in black girls. So, Ray Jay and Fantasia was just playing to the cameras. That’s all. Now if that was Chris Brown, or Bow wow…they would have hit it. LOL!

  • Choco

    Who cares who Ray J is screwing it’s obvious he screws a lot of women anyway Tasia looks cute- Ray, Brandy and their parents make a handsome family…

  • FiveStar

    T.O. = Tasty

  • SparkLe_B1AtCH

    ray-j probably denied that….lol

  • Butterscotch™

    They all look lovely, although I am cracking up about TO’s “costume change” at the event.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Isn’t she still with the married dude? As such, Ray J probably tried to add her to the rotation last night. I hope he was successful.

  • rain


  • GotYou

    Ray J is a womanizer. And his antics should not be supported, nor the women who throw themselves at him due to insecurity and stupidity.


    w w w . t h e n o i r e f f e c t . c o m

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    t.o. looking better than normal. hope these pics between ray and fan were for publicity purposes only!! he’s a little short sh@# ain’t he!!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Who said Ray J doesn’t like the sistas? How do you explain his years of hooking up with Lil Kim and Whitney?

  • real black is chocolate

    some real dark-skinned black ppl right here but Fantasia is wack. T.O. and Ray j still my nikkaz!

  • real black is chocolate


    stfu with your bullsh’t stupid azz b’tch….just because she’s ugly and is dark-skinned this does not mean that ray j dont like real dark-skinned black women!

    i am dark-skinned brother that love my real beautiful dark-skinned black women as and all dark-skinned brothers do!


    Born dark-skinned black stay dark-skinned black!

    mixed is devils sh’t


  • 6 Figgaz

    Fill In The Blank: Ray-J probably… removed the lifts from his shoes when he got home… last night.
    Didn’t realize dude’s a midget.

  • real black is chocolate

    ….but Fantasia not so ugly as TI “s mixed wife, she’s just wack to me!

  • haha

    she looks more man than him…….

  • Aunt Viv

    LMAO @ 6 Figgaz!

    I cannot stand Ray J. Textbook wackness right there…

  • Swaggy Lady

    @ tg-cosign!

  • real black is chocolate

    Aunt Viv

    he’s very talented man and his music is real black!

  • tybeezy

    terrell dont like black women and if u notice in all of these pics hes no where near a black women…how could he not like black women and the people who raised him and made him who he is are black women who gives a rat azz bout terrell

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