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Arizona House Votes To Have Obama Show Birth Certificate In 2012 Election (GO)

Game Reveals Details on “The Red Room” Mixtape, Not Worried About Drake As Competition (GO)

Jersey Shore Trash Get Her Nails Done in an Interesting Outfit of the Day (GO)

New 100 Dollar Bill: High Tech & Hard to Copy (GO)

Jennifer Lopez: Twins have ‘different qualities of me’ (GO)

Lindsay Lohan old-school crack tweets: “Sam Ronson spit in my face!” (GO)

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  • sunshine

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  • diamondprincess

    Of course it’s Arizona, the state the John McCain reps. That old man is still hateful and might be behind this. Why can’t these people realize that we elected a Black man to office because this is what we wanted. All these demands for his birth certificate, all the racism that has spewed from the Tea Party people, all the racism that has spewed from whites makes it feel like we have gone back in time to the Civil Rights Movement. They need to wake up, Barack is here to stay!

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