Who Looked More Bangin’?

- By Bossip Staff

Dominicana ladies Dania Ramirez and Zoe Saldana both showed up for the premiere of “The Losers”. Which of these ladies is looking tastier than a plate of arroz con pollo??? Pop the hood for plenty of pics, but don’t forget to tell us “Who Looked More Bangin’!”

As thin as she is, it’s crazy but Dania Ramirez actually looks kinda thick standing next to Zoe…

Bauer Griffin

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  • Hannibal


  • I Am Legend

    they both 2 damn scrawny

  • lisabeller

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  • Gimmeabreak78

    I never noticed how thin Zoe was. Her shoes don’t even fully secure her ankles. Wow.

  • tellz

    none of them cause both of them look like they hungry. Hey girls yall need to eat

  • Shootingstar

    Dania. Zoe has a little boy body.

  • http://stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm6 We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    Both pretty young women.

  • Sepia830

    Zoe is seriously over-exposed and overrated.

  • That bish look like a alien skinny nasty lookin bish

    yall know who i’m talkin bout!!!!!!!

  • That bish look like a alien skinny nasty lookin bish

    Black men don’t dig that whole ribcage exposed swag na son let the crakas have that!!!

  • Curious1

    Ningunas de estas mujeres son por favor bonitas

  • lala

    Zoe has an eating disorder, I’m sorry to say but i think she does. She’s way too skinny and looks sick. She needs more cheeseburgers, ice cream, cake, red beans and rice, cornbread, and some greens & fried chicken. Dania looks okay I guess, she’s looking a little too thin too, being thin is okay, being sick looking and bony is not. And they look bony. Where’s Serena and Queen Latifah at, show them how a woman is suppose to look.

  • Cantria

    Dania ramirez is gorgeous!

  • sick of it all

    DAMN ZOE!!! Try a meal outside of water! SMH, whatever pays the bills???

  • num1dominicano

    viva Dominicana….

  • 1word

    Got to go with Dania, Zoe is too damn skinny. These girls need to thicken up, just look at Alicia Keys body and do the damn thing!

  • ukcaramelcutie


  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    Dania Ramirez Crushes the Beast Zoe.

  • lily

    I need an understanding because zoe’s chicken legs are killin me and she keep flauntin’ them like they’re hot, so are all chicken legs acceptable as long as they are long/tall, but when they’re short they’re whack?

    Does that mean Michelle Williams legs are the business too

  • MulattoMom

    they both look like chickens…that is now how a woman is supposed to look…they need to eat about two or three cheeseburgers, drink a 32oz coke and then take a nap…

  • THAT1Bitch

    Dania is certified supa banger in that dress.
    Zoe looks like she could us a few $5.00 foot longs & dust off the coke or nut off that dress…not a good look Boo.

  • memchee

    zoe looks hollyweired out….right in keeping with her wanna be high minded interviews!!

  • thanks a lot!

    Dania, hands down.

  • KaniGitADolla?

    sHe keN giT iT fO sHO!
    wiT hUR finE aZZZZ!

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