Who Looked More Bangin’?

- By Bossip Staff

Ciara and Nicole Scherzinger showed up to the US Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Party in these colorful numbers. Pop the hood for more pictures of these ladies, along with the Hilton hoes, Jennifer Lopez and more, but don’t forget to tell us Who Looked More Bangin’!

That’s Kelly Osbourne with her backs on blast in that “Little Black Dress” by the way. Thumbs up on her new whooty.

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    Nicole WINS!!

  • THE REAL house wife of houston

    nicole wins!

  • why

    Both are HOT! Ciara looks great and so does Nicole, Imma run wit Ciara on this one!



  • Dee

    firsttttttttt haaaaaaaaa

  • Dee


  • rainbone

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  • Matix B

    I am sorry but Ciara won this one. She looks great in colours..the shoes seem cute but after a second look they are tore the f up but her skin is on point. This is the best I have seen Ciara ever! As for Nicole, she is hella pretty but always looks the same so she gets an honorable mention.

  • tanya

    Ciara hands down. J. Lo is my girl though always banging.


    NICOLE gets this. I ain’t never really been a fan of Ciara, and this really didn’t make me one either. Sorry, hun. NICOLE.

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    Cici was killing the shoes game though.

  • houston

    CiCi better see see me!

  • Njeri

    @Daywalker- the question was who looked more bangin…not who are you a fan of. DuH …Ciara hands down

  • LaDanseuse

    Ciara gets this one. Her skin is glowing and her body stays fit! I choose to ignore the H.O.rrendous Versace heels she’s rocking though.

  • Johnny Depp02

    They all do just like MYSPACE.COM/PRISCILADEVINE…her music is banging too!

  • pynk

    Nicole wins! That dress is not cute, and those stripper shoes look ridiculous.

  • monica

    Wow, they almost look related…both look great!

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Is it just me, or does Nicole kind of look lke Kim K before she got knifed up?

  • omg

    They all look good, ciara dress didn’t need the split, nicole didn’t need to wearing those sling back pumps, and jlo is looking good at 40 so go girl, that’s what happens when god gives you what you need, she’s smiling from the inside, lol.

  • wifey06

    for being celebs they both look average!!!

  • soulwoman

    They both look good but both couldve looked better…so I’m going with a tie.

    J-lo got them all beat though!

  • Zulu Chili

    Ciara is really a pretty girl, but she always looks like she is holding her breath to me.

  • Outlandish On All Counth

    Macy Gray

  • Ty Ty

    Ciara looks hawt!!!!!!!!!

    Nicole looks good too.

  • TR

    ….Ciara is brown-skinned. Anyways Ciara got this shittt on lock!! Whoever styled her needs to get a full time job, and a promotion because she’s killing it right now. she doesn’t look as manly, or ‘dragy’ as she as the tendency of doing sometimes!!

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