Hovvie Hov Makes Plans For Baby On The Way

- By Bossip Staff

BeyBey’s hubby Jay-Z is making big preparations for a welcome addition to his life! Pop the hood for the details.

Hate to disappoint but the baby Hov has on the way is his latest album…

In a recent interview with VIBE, award-winning producer DJ Toomp revealed that he’s already been called in to start working with Camel on ALBUM #12!

“Guru reached out to me when I got to Hawaii,” Toomp said. “I’m bout to go back in with Jay real soon. After that tour, it’s almost like what else [is there for him] to do? “

SMH. What else is there for him to do??? This is almost comedy how Jay-Z just dominates the rap game. Blueprint 3 just came out seven months ago and he’s back in the studio again because he has nothing better to do.

Toomp also spilled the beans on the reason he was in Hawaii — Kanye West’s fifth album, Good A*s Job.

“We’re putting [together] a masterpiece, it’s crazy. It’s going to be another classic,” he promises. [Kanye’s] rapping, he’s going real hard.”

Toomp didn’t know the exact release date for ‘Ye’s new project but he believes it will come out in early 2011. 

In addition to producing a record with songwriting singer/rappers Rock City for Rihanna’s Rated R follow up, he said he’s also been invited to work with Diggy Simmons on his Atlantic debut.

Do you guys think you’ll be ready for another Jay-Z album again this soon??? Which project are you more excited about — Kanye’s Good A*s Job, Jay-z’s 12th studio album or Rihanna’s next project?

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  • sunni_daze

    Yay. I cant wait for Jay to drop another album. The only thing rockin now is that Burrrrprint2 HD (beats are crazy).

  • real black is chocolate

    she’s not black and Gay-z is Jew lover!

  • Mike

    Jay always comes correct on everything that he does because he doesn’t put out bubblegum like these other so called rappers out there. Ye is real too,so am sure his album is only second to Jigga’s.

  • Coren

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  • elvagreen

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  • i hate what you do

    We dont need anymore black babies running around america. Besides, their baby will be aa attention whorrte seeker just like his mommy and daddy.

  • drenk

    UH OH ILLUMINATI JR.!!! Now is that baby already owned by the illuminati or does he have to be offered first…?

  • http://Bossip Cory's girl

    I’m waiting for RhiRhi to bust her grill up the next time she hit the floor!!! no talet BEYOTCH!!!!

  • http://bossip Lancy

    LOL at Jay-Z and Beyonce baby will not be human. I honestly beleive that. Something tells me if they have a baby it will not be human ROGER THAT#

  • Mock Rock Star

    I thought this guy retired like 10 years ago (his words, not mine) 😦

  • http://bossip davey

    BP3 in my opinion was very commerical. He did the Beyonce 2-3 hits on a cd
    1st- he stole Jeezy all black every thing image.
    2- Jeezy was on the album because he know trap music is selling.
    3- Rihanna Akeys were commerical success songs
    4- the rest was BS
    the whole bp3 was a sellout album and wasn’t that great only a gathering of what every one else is doing.fake in his own way.

  • B3 Fearless

    lol @ Mock Rock Star

    I’m looking forward to Kanye’s album. Say want you want about him personally but in each of his albums you can see him growing creatively. And he has variety, easily transition from a party song that will hype you up to one with a positive message.

    I haven’t really felt Jay since he started making all of those comments in his raps making himself equivalent to God. He really stands out right now because everything else in mainstream Hip Hop is basically garbage.

  • B3 Fearless


    I have to agree. I feel like Jay has become a bit of a one note artist.

    He got over on this last album because so many ppl love him cuz he is Jay and basically everything out is garbage.

    Ppl’s ears have gotten so used to hearing b.s. that when some 1 brings a lil bit of something different no matter how average it may be they want to hype the person up!

    You can see that today easily with what is being pushed to the m.a.s.s.e.s.

  • juliemango

    Excited about all 3 babies, Ye’s album name is on fire!!!!

  • You Guys Are Ruining Bossip Comments

    all of you who are making comments like “their baby is going to be the antichrist” are really gullible or really stupid. You sound like bitter haters. I don’t like Bee or Jay very much, but wow “devil worshipers?” get a grip or shut up. you’re ruining this blog with these mindless baseless comments. then again, u guys probably can;t read so i dont know why im writing this…..

  • Bored-with-it-all

    I’m ready for season 3 of True Blood and some more Entourage

  • real black is chocolate

    i hate what you do

    f’ck you white boy! we need more black babies in america!!!

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  • M-Dot2

    JayZ and Beyonce need to take a break or at least give me one….and take Lil Wayne witcha’….I respect what all three have done for the game but “OVERSATURATED” is the word of the day. All them need to step back and let the world miss them for a minute…..

  • Brian

    To be honest, i could care less bout any of those albums. To me they all fell off. If you want to hear some “dope” tracks check out Kenny Ali @ Kennyalionline.com

  • thesaneone

    Kanye is gonna kill it!

  • Educated Diva


  • Duckii90

    im excited!!!!!i cnt wait 2 hear dey abulms ikno hov & yezzy go kill everybdy pls dnt b hatin!


    I think they should just fall in their little hole and hibrante like bears, or better yet snakes. BCUZ snakes, that exactly what they are. I don’t trust them. Their marriage is arrancged anyway. SECRETIVE DOGS

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