*Bossip Exclusive*: Skin Rash And All… Kenyon Is Still Choppin’ Down Trina

- By Bossip Staff

The one and only Baddest B*tch, Trina, chopped it up with BOSSIP.com in an exclusive interview. She talks about her new album “AMAZIN” that drops May 4th, Lil Wayne impregnating the world and the break up that didn’t happen with Denver Nuggets’ basketball star Kenyon Martin… HUH?!?!

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  • rain

    S e e k i n g A f f l u e n t c O m is a place for like-minded people who understand that intelligence, success and drive are key elements to attraction.

  • Kim


  • http://internetmodeling.com/1341 www.internetmodeling.com/1341

    Can’t believe she’s still rapping & hasn’t branched out.

    MODELS WANTED w w w internetmodeling.com/1341

  • toosexy

    can’t wait to get that amazin album…….

  • juliemango

    Amazin skin, love Trina’s share the fame attitude!!!

  • keisha

    it was an allergic reaction to something she ate. Urticaria or hives. Not a rash. Yall make it sound like a fungal infection or something.

  • Ms.Juice Box

    Why are ya’ll even talking bout this chick
    ? I thought Nikki was the rage nowadays? Anyway this chick is only like an okay 6 when Beyonce isn’t in the spotlight

  • Tee

    I think Trina is a pretty girl when she’s not being over the top. Women look beautiful whenever they show their true side. I swear, I get hollered at more when I’m not looking my best.

  • http://suchalady.wordpress.com suchalady

    “Miss Trina Z3 Beama…open up her legs and put ya head in betweeen them!”

    Her first album was great. Diamond Princess wasn’t that bad either. Wish she would’ve never lost her cell phone – those pics were throw-up-in-my-mouth-quality.

    That is all.

  • thicklikecornbread

    Well, if he TOOK HER BACK, she needs to get sum “act rite,” cuz word on the street is that Kenyon dumped her b/c she was crazy & violent & wud threaten to burn his sh1t up.

    Do better Ms. Trina, that is NOT lady like behavior

  • bklyn lady

    I only know one Trina song and that’s pull over that azz to fat. I’m from NY and has always been into hip hop (until recently) 4 ALBUMS? Really?!!! I’ve never heard ANY of her music on NY radio…REAL TALK

    Trina is so WACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • V

    @ Miss all that.. that IS her TALENT- LMAO

  • S.p. Easy !!!



  • 5'10"STUNNER

    In the modeling world, anything under 5’9″ is considered “average” and isn’t relevant. 5’10” with REAL BREASTS! REAL NOSE, REAL HAIR, AND NO D E N T U R E S. LOW MILEAGE. REAL TALENT, BRAINS, OWN IDENTITY AND IDEAS. Im sorry, I thought I heard something from “BELOW”.

  • 5'10"STUNNER

    Don’t worry sweetie, no one gives a sheet about your zlist azz or that scummy negroid- there’s no reason to fight here.

  • 5'10"STUNNER

    I would GLADLY be a maid of honor at the wedding.

  • Kanaan

    Let Trina live!!!! Trina, do you.. Some of these bloggers are just miserable & negative people who want to rain on your parade.

  • johnb9 girl

    waiting for the c.d but she know she still love lil wayne?

  • Prettysanchez

    Damn I thought she was Beyonce. moving right along…

  • Booger Bear

    Other than being yallo ,and, our ongoing obsession with whiteness- there is no talent here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rama rama

    i love u trin.b

  • Kysdangagurl@yahoo.com

    Ok.trina is still bad and deserves love for still being n tha game so long. Could she be tha only female who actually writes her music??

  • ms.kwil

    lol the broad is still living this lie????…Shes a liar!! she also told my girl who was in Denver on business she had “just missed her” when was in denver “seeing kenyon” when my girl asked Kenyon about it… he said that was a lie… he had not seen her in months….not true …and thats out of K-Marts mouth!…. if shes used her lies to get back to Kenyon because he doesnt want any of the pics on her “stolen phone” to get out… that may have worked because thats the type of guy he is…but i hope hes not that stupid to get used by the same person more than 1 time!!!… and if anything I hope he learned his lesson finds a real woman not a crazy lying sl*t!! Keep it moving Kenyon .. smash when you can and keep it moving!!!!!! Shes out for her paper… meaning yous… dont get played anymore than you already have…

  • fukthahaters

    Dear Haters,

    Hate is a sickness, get well soon! They have a remedy for that, and it’s called get a fukin life!! When it happens 4 u, u will know. You will no longer have that “anger b4 breakfast” syndrome, and u will notice that it doesn’t bother you that another person is actually happy. Please find a remedy, soon b4 ur demise!!!

  • mel

    She’s Wack, Wack, Waaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah I forgot Shes Wack!!!!

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