True Or False: Wedding Bells For Naomi And Russian Billionaire Boyfriend???

- By Bossip Staff

Naomi Campbell may be saving her fiercest catwalk for an upcoming stroll down the aisle with Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin. Pop the hood for details.

British supermodel Naomi Campbell’s Russian billionaire lover Vladimir Doronin has confirmed reports the pair is planning to marry, according to a Russian report.

The catwalk beauty sparked rumors of an engagement to Doronin in 2008 after she was pictured attending a lavish magazine party in Moscow sporting a large emerald ring on her wedding finger.

Campbell’s representative dismissed the rumours, but speculation continued.

The model herself denied reports of an impending wedding this January, but now Doronin has confirmed the couple is set to wed.

Speaking to online Russian publication, the tycoon refused to go into into details about the big day, but spoke candidly about the couple’s bridesmaid choice:

“I can’t say it took us long to decide who will be bridesmaid. We are good friends with (Russian entrepreneur) Dasha Zhukova, she is a wonderful person and talented designer. So she will be next to Naomi at our wedding.”

How lovely for them. But isn’t he still married??? SMH

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  • drenk

    he’s VERY RICH and VERY WHITE she must be in love

  • sepiaesthetica

    Well, she could have done worse.

  • elvagreen

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  • NaomiIsFierce

    I thought they had broken up since i hadn’t seen any stories on the couple. I agree with the above poster, he’s still married so this story can’t be true.

  • Here to share knowledge, not argue....

    Ummmm….don’t he need to get a divorce first?

  • resurrected

    I hope there married is damned to H E L L but maybe there are the perfect match for each other…

  • MsOfficer

    Getting married while ur still married might be ok in some billionare countries

  • thicklikecornbread

    I thought he was STILL MARRIED?!

  • Brian

    Check out “The Midwest Giant” Kenny Ali @

  • Ms.Juice Box

    Wherk Naomi!! If you get it in you get it in. Who cares if he’s married. You aint gonna gettin no younger.

  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    good — now the only underlings she’ll be beating up will be the maid, the butler, the driver, the gardener and the pool boy.

    domestics all over the world will pop a cork for THIS one.

  • Souljagir

    He’s too cute for her I think he’s so dreamy. Maybe he’s never seen her with out the make up and wig! UGH!

  • I Stay SMH



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  • She said it...

    u haters wish u could see a billionaire while Naomi is swimming in them. She is not dating some-run-of-the-mill rich white boy. This man has a ownership in a natural resource–that means the chit doesn’t run out like some ole’ sports players bad knees, or a rappers tired lyrics. While your working into your 70s, Naomi will be the first Black Queen of Russia.

  • Choco

    He is handsome but I’m certain Naomio knows their marriage will not be one filled with fidelity…Might as well just stay bf and gf!

  • LOL

    guess he going to be a bigamist then LOL LOL the truth is the man has given that loser the ax, and that is why she is attacking everyone

  • momo

    @real black is chocolate:

    I’m going to pray for you!

  • tanya

    Yes Naomi cop that fella. Yes I am not mad at them and as for his wife not giving him a divorce that is just crap. If she is served the divorce papers it means the man wants her no more os she should move the hell on.

  • Mizz Frost

    @real black is chocolate
    Racism is racism…no matter what colour you are.

  • Rayban

    This is is super easy now. He will now be in locked in a marriage, there will be no prenup as he is to dumb to get one, and she can take at least 50 percent of his money, all his property, AAAAAAAAND monthly spousal support.

    Excellent work…..she can drain him worse than Elin Woods will Tiger.
    All white men are finally getting what’s coming to them.

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    @real black is chocolate: I usually don’t do this in regards to your rather predictable comments but ROTFLMAO!!!

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