Guess Who This Little Chubby Cheeked Cutie Belongs To?

- By Bossip Staff

This little chubby faced guy was spotted at the airport with his adorable self! His Mommy and Daddy are both in the celebrity spotlight. Can you guess who he belongs to? This should be a cinch.

It’s little Kenzo!!! He and Mommy Kimora Lee were spotted at JFK today catching a flight. Wonder if they’re headed home to see Daddy Djimon…

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  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    Cute & that bag id FIYAH!

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)


  • Choco

    I knew it was him soooo adorable looking like both of his parents…

  • jessiy

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  • Kristina

    Cute! Wow, he got so big.

  • chi chi

    He is adorable!

  • I Hate Being A Black Woman

    He looks pure black, not single drop of asian is showing through. Shame.

  • nikki88

    sooo cute!

  • Stacey

    I know I Hate Being a Black Woman isn’t really black. White trash out there, please don’t insult black people’s intelligence. You’re the dumb one if you think we fall for it.

  • I Hate Being A Black Woman

    He would look better if he had that dark skin but vivid Chinese eyes and a looser curl to his hair. Like Tyson Beckford, but with wavy afro curls. This….? its just ridiculous.

  • I Hate Being A Black Woman

    At stacey

    You are part of the reason i hate being a black woman. In fact, i cant even get out of bed somedays…………..No wonder the whole hate us and makes tv shows about our misery. We are filth of the earth.

  • I Hate Being A Black Woman - And i hate Black people too

    He looks to black and that is that.

  • sexcblack

    G.T.F.O.H @ the bloggers!

    He is baby, stop hating jaheeeeeeze!

    Stay beautiful Kenzo x

  • Bossip Sucks

    “Spotted at the airport with his self?”

    Do you ignorant buttsniffers even try to read what you type before you just smack your nuts into the “post” button?

  • Kanaan

    He is gorgeous. Why entertain someone who obviously is not a black woman nor black?? Stop entertaining them. It is obviously someone hiding behind a blog saying things they are not brave enough to say in person.

  • I Hate Being A Black Woman - And i hate Black people too

    Are you naive to believe all black women love being black? Love looking black? or walking the shoes of a black woman?
    I hate being black but this naomi campbell story makes more content.

  • berryjuice

    Cutie! he resembles his younger but older sister aoki.

  • hoping and praying for a baby boy....wish me luck!

    Awwww, he looks like he’s such a good baby =)

  • I Hate Being A Black Woman - And i hate Black people too

    He does not look like the girls – they have cute asian curls. Got it?

  • Courtney

    Baby Kenzo is to adorable he reminds me of a cross between his daddy & an aferican american Robert Redford with an Asian twist

  • Kristina

    @ Stacey

    Yeah we all know, lol. I don’t know who they think they’re fooling.

  • I Hate Being A Black Woman - And i hate Black people too

    He is cute, but he is black, not mixed……. just black.

  • dianne

    that is going to be an ugly azz man


    im sorry but that child is ugly just like his daddy

  • Just Bored

    He is so handsome already.

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