Coupled Up: Prez Barack And First Lady Michelle Take A Vacay

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President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are having a romantic vacation this weekend without daughters Sasha and Malia. The couple left Washington, DC and headed to Asheville, NC for some fun and relaxation that included barbecue for lunch followed by a hike. Pop the hood for more photos and details.

First stop for the first couple’s weekend vacation on Friday was a roadside restaurant that President Barack Obama visited during the final month of his White House campaign. Obama and first lady Michelle Obama landed in the Blue Ridge Mountains and made a quick stop at Twelve Bones Smokehouse on the way to their resort.

The Obama mingled with customers and staff, posed for photos and eventually ordered two rib plates, and given order number 99. From the pool report, the precise order per Bill Burton was:

Ribs, greens, baked beans, corn pudding, mac & cheese and corn bread. All washed down with a couple of sweet teas.

When the Obamas left 12 Bones, a crowd had gathered on the corner, a few with “Welcome” signs, and a couple that read: “We love Sasha” and “Howdy Malia.”

The Obamas worked off the meal with an hour plus hike up the Blue Ridge Parkway, emerging from the trail shortly after 4:30.

A string of sweaty USSS agents and support staff emerged first. POTUS and FLOTUS, each carrying a bottle of water, exchanged a few words with a couple of rangers at the top of the trail. Neither of the first hikers seemed winded, and FLOTUS, who had on a tank top and her shirt around her waist, even did a light jog to their SUV.

This trip was meant to be vacation, and Obama didn’t even plan to make calls on the fierce debate over financial reform legislation in the Senate, press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters at the White House on Friday.

“Knock on wood,” Gibbs said.

On Obama’s previous visit to the city, in October 2008, the then-senator prepared for a debate and rallied supporters – and lamented he couldn’t play golf.

“What a spectacular place,” Obama said during the Oct. 5, 2008, stop in Asheville.

“The only thing I don’t like about it is that I had to drive by the golf course, and it looks really nice. And my staff won’t let me play. I’m going to have to come back.”

Back, he is. And not just for the golf: The president always keeps his eye on politics.

Obama was the first Democratic presidential candidate to win North Carolina since Jimmy Carter in 1976. He defeated Republican Sen. John McCain by just 0.4 percentage points in a state that favored President George W. Bush’s re-election by 12 percentage points four years earlier. His aggressive campaign – and volunteers from bordering South Carolina – helped turn North Carolina in Obama’s favor.

As Democrats’ fortunes have sunk, though, Obama’s trip to North Carolina reflects a nod to a middle-class vacation – in contrast to last year’s trips to Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., and his native Hawaii.

Asheville, a city of about 73,000 residents, is home to the Vanderbilt family’s Biltmore Estate, a tourist draw, along with scores of art galleries and restaurants.

The White House says the Obamas have no public plans while in North Carolina, although the president will speak at Sunday’s memorial in Beckley, W.Va., for the victims of the worst U.S. coal mine disaster in 40 years. The April 5 explosion at Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch mine took 29 lives.

The Obamas plan to return to Washington on Sunday evening.

Gotta love it! The First Couple know how to keep matrimony-dom fresh…

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  • Kittylicious

    This lady it the best dresser in the world. hands down

  • Kittylicious

    BTW 1st my b°tches!!!

  • Johnny Depp02

    she’s exquisite…they deserve a vacay….. my favorite artist is MYSPACE.COM/PRISCILADEVINE…SHE’S Fineeeee. and good music

  • she

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  • Kanaan

    I love the Obamas’s relationship.

  • Bri

    Awww… LOVE.

  • chi chi

    Awww so sweet!

  • jenna love

    Proud to be american and they make me proud of their fierce relationship

  • BahamaMama05

    Yall need to come to The Bahamas. We wont stick cameras in your face the whole time because honestly, we dont care. Just as long as you enjoy your stay here. 🙂 Bahama for Obama

  • wonder why they didnt go home for holiday?

    this is the first president i have ever known who abandoned his home town, who is responsible for all his success.

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    Nice!!! Michelle has a nice body,she’s tall & Mr. Prez is not bad @ all lol.

    I’d be all over hehe.

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    *him* 🙂

  • V


  • RihRihthegoatthroat

    Just love the 1st couple. Take note Jay-z, this is what you should do when out and about with your wife, you walk along side with her not 5 feet ahead of her and it ok to hold hands.

  • Prez is the best

    coolest most down to earth highly educated people I have ever seen. love the Obamas

  • Bored-with-it-all

    I wonder what would happen if all the professional of the world said damn a suit and damn some slacks and started rockin’ flip flops,nikes, jeans and hoodies on a regular, would people not trust in them any more, I wonder…..

  • Wellhung

    @ V

    That’s what I’m saying.

    Barry’s already played more golf than Bush did in his entire 8 years.

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs


    4/23/10, 19:24:pm


    lemmy give u a kiss.

  • Darth H8ter

    Weren’t they just on vaction last week?

  • Erwin

    They r always on vacation…..Alicia Keys has a house in Ashville b.t.w.

  • Erwin


  • Reality

    We can’t say anything bad at the Nubian Queen Michelle cause that lady is educated. This is good for young black children. And the angry single black sisters how did Golden Angel Michelle get her man?

  • rain


  • lala

    I live in Asheville…it’s a beautiful place, but it’s country as HELL and some of the people here are straight up and down ignorant! I hope he enjoys his stay though. He came here when he was campaigning…something must have made him want to come back.

  • lala

    And those of you claiming that he goes on vacation all the time…half of you probably don’t work for a living and if you do you probably call in sick 10 days out of the month. Get over it

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