*BOSSIP Exclusive* Michael Knight Dishes It All On Project Runway And Celebrity Clients

- By Bossip Staff

BOSSIP bumped into fashion designer and “Project Runway” alum Michael Knight in Atlanta at the Meet & Greet Cocktail Reception for Maurice Hennessy of the Moët Hennessy Family hosted by Ryan Cameron. Since appearing on the show, Michael has been busy working on his latest collection Carte Blanche.

Click Here To Watch The Interview.

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  • lilypie

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  • Milwaukee

    I love him and his style but I can’t say he should have won Project Runway but he was still good. And so was Korto, Now she should have won!

  • LadyTee

    Korto definitely got robbed! She should have won!

  • Hazelnut

    Sorry, Michael Knight’s designs leave much to be desired – most of his pieces are borderline “hoochy”. As far as people of color who have been on Project Runway and who deserved to win – Korto and Kara Saun are it.

  • higherground

    Emilio was robbed too! Do we see a pattern here?

  • Jellybean Dream

    LOL@ Reality

  • caramelcutie33

    the chick from last season wasnt white…she was something mixed..anybody remember wht was her ethic backgound is?

  • Estrella

    I have come to the conclusion that there’s never going to be a black winner…Even though I love Seth Aaron’s clothes cuz its more my style…It would’ve been nice to see someone of an ethnic background win…After Korto lost I became less obsessed with the show

  • mo mo

    I love the show but i feel that thier sleeping on the blk designers! Wtf is wrong with this show!

  • LaDanseuse

    By looking at the season overall, Emilio was the clear winner. Wish they had considered that cause if they had, Seth aaron wud have clearly been runner up.

  • hoping & praying for a baby boy.....wish me luck!

    @ berryjuice

    The Asian girl won a few seasons ago! But yea ur right, Im beginning to think that these Project Runway ppl don’t know how to pick out a truly talented designer, the only deserving winner was Christian Siriano.

  • http://thebourgeiosandthebeast.wordpress.com queen4today
  • ladyinblue

    @hoping & praying I agree 100% with you on christian siriano’s win, cause notice how he’s pretty much the only winner who has become a major success from the show.

  • Chewy

    Korto was my girl, I hope she has been successful since tge show has ended

  • http://www.melatoninfaq.com  Melatonin

    i love fashion and project runway is a great show about the fashion industry-*;

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    the models in project runway are very beautiful and skinny *.-

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