*Exclusive* Blitzberg Boys Drop New Skinny Jean-Dope Fiend-L.A. Teen Joint!

- By Bossip Staff

Our peoples in L.A. have been raving about some new young crew out of Inglewood who are pretty dope and avid Bossip readers, so we thought we would give them some shine. Blitzberg Boys spit some pretty clean 90’s style lyrics, but flipped with that skinny jean-high fashion-dope fiend steez. They sent Bossip and HHW some exclusive sh*t that nobody else has… called “Rush.”

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    Really Dope…..

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  • kmm504

    can you say diplomat knockoff? there will never be another diplomats. He even bites some of killa cams ryhmes in this. A true hip-hop head can spot this fraud a mile away

  • Mr.727

    This style of music is dying off so fast it is funny! Soon this type of s h i t be unacceptable!

  • Travis


  • memchee


    This ish is horrendous….flow, sytle of dress, ….!!!

  • Marquis de Sade


    😆 You beat me to it. Post 3,5,7,8 and 9 are definitely PLANTS.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Wain Whisenant

    Don’t you mean BLIZKRIEG?

  • Marquis de Sade


  • ShonnieLove

    OH my Goodness LA are you ready???? The Blitzberg Boys are so FRESH!!! ive been waiting on this for a while now, i see why ~PHENOM~ has on what he has on, he has his own style.. i like the fact that the Boys sound nothing like anyone out in the Biz!! Im gonna keep my eyes on them!! I cant get over the fact that I like this so much they come hard.. Im sooOOooo feeling this….!!!S.!!! oh and by the why whoever Travis is , stop the hate, youve come to this page over 2 times to send hate if you dont like them Stay OFF THE PAGE….

    2010 Blitzberg Universe!!!

  • Marquis de Sade


    Uhhh, I think Travis is on your side, darlin’…In fact, he/she is probably sittin’ right next to you, postin’ these lame azz comments in a vain/feeble attempt to garner a lil’ attention to these “HERE TODAY, GONE TODAY” never was rappers…Like I said/typed earlier, you (like) Travis may wanna think EXIT STRATEGY. – DA’ SHIP IS SINKIN’, AND THA’ CAPT. WAS THE FIRST IN THA’ LIFE BOAT, MUTTERIN’:”WOMEN & CHILDREN FIRST MY AZZ!


    I didn’t understand one word in that entire post. Get it together black folk. How many “so and so BOYS” are going to come out of LA? Already got New Boyz and that other wack group. Enough.

  • Sparks

    I rock wit da Blitzbergboys! I know they must be official being from L.A and talking that hustler ish! Yall know how it is in L.A them boys don’t play and I’m from Detroit!!

  • Chess

    Yall need to open yall eyes and clean out yall dirty ears this is dope. Blitzbergboys are going hard! When does the ish hit the street??

  • Checkmate

    Wow! Dope new sound and look appreciate the real hip hop!! Blitzbergboys got my stamp

  • Wendy City

    Blitzbergboys!! Good ish! Folks “It was all a Dream I sold my first pound at 18 no job I’m getting paper out them dope fiends” Killer lyrics! Yall haters let these cats shine!!

  • Dopeboy

    I love this record let it burn!! This is what the games been missing !

  • buggin_out

    Hip-hop died on December 31, 1999. I feel sorry for you youngsters. This is wack. Keep practicing.

  • Hip hop fiend

    You guys are doing ya thing these cats mad because Yall already got a buzz!! Blitzbergboys get the chedda!!

  • Times Change

    This is good music different look! Blitzbergboys go hard in the paint

  • Timebomb

    West Coast stand change ya style up!! Them Blitzbergboys is the new deal!!!

  • Killa kev

    Them Boys is official swagger out! Yall young cats get that paper forget dem haters!! Blitzbergboys Go Hard!!!!

  • Try me

    What’s really hood yall Blitzbergboys is the truth keep hustling that Chowder Music!

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