Kelly Rowland Channels Sasha Fierce For South African Cosmopolitan

- By Bossip Staff

We have some behind the scenes pics of Kelly Rowland’s photo shoot with South African Cosmopolitan magazine. She’s definitely looking good in these photos… You think she could give Beyonce a run for her money with her own alter ego?!?!

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  • Cashmane

    Yes she will….new mangement…label…better den ever…she got haters on deck…shes coming…..

  • TR

    Sasha Fierce is played out…why does everything have to be a comparison between Beyonce?!!

  • rainbone

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  • The Bear

    Kelly has always been the sexiest member of Destiny’s Child in my humble opinion.

  • Just Bored

    Beyonce just wishes she had Kelly’s body and looks.

    Looking good as usual Kelly!


    Kelly Rowland is very pretty. Good for her.

  • Reality

    @ Real black lol, man you are crazy though your post above had me confused. She indeed is the most beautiful member of former group destiny’s child. Had hope she would be the soul rivival. Waiting on Michelle to change it up on labels because Latoya Luckett is on the rise 🙂

  • Jamillah

    Kelly is gorgeous. She doesn’t belong in anyone’s shadow and she certainly doesn’t need an alter ego. She’s the real deal all the time.

  • charles

    People want to sleep on Kelly….but they are about to be in for a rude awakening…..she’s comin!

  • oyin!!

    kelly doesnt need to channel the horror that is sasha fierce…she’s totally awesome and there is no comparison btw her and beyonce. she is gonna bring it with commander!! love yah kelly!!

  • real black is chocolate


    nah man is not my type plus she’s dirty now. but Latoya Luckett is real deal, she’s cla$$y and supa hot!!

  • SchoolTeacher7

    Absolutely love Kelly. She’s about to bring it…strong!!

  • getting down

    The pictures on here are nothing special. I thought I was going to see some hott to death photos.

    Kelly is a cute women with beautiful glowing skin. I would like to see her make a big bang onto the music scene…Still waiting for that.

  • TheTruth


  • TheTruth


  • JAH

    damn, she’s a baddddd chick . always been beautiful. representing for the dark skin sistas. she doesn’t need to copy Beyawnce’ .

  • chaka1

    Her body is ridiculous…

  • Bored-with-it-all

    Kelly Rowland’s flat waist line stomach and toned legs have been the business since “no, no, no” she was fine from the start rocking the short hair, and Latavia’s body was toned thicknes-they were the two finest in the group, guess their beautiful brown skin was too much of a negative for hollywood so those beautiful bodies got ignored


    Kelly has a better body than Beyonce, look at her legs.

  • kay

    Kell has always been my FAV!! Loving the look, she is a Natural Beauty!! Go gettem Kell 😉
    I can’t wait to hear the new music, so looking forward to it!!!

  • pat

    beyonce wishes she had kelly’s body…..with bey’s frame she has to starve herself just to maintain

  • Get Real

    Under all the big fake hair & make up Kelly & Bey look like the average chic on the street. You people put too much into these photo shoots. In the end a bunch of stuff is airbrushed out. So it’s basically Bey airbrushing against Kelly’s.

  • Imma Star

    Be real….

    Kelly’s pretty but she dsnt kill it like B. She needs to step her performance and music game up.

    It’s sad, B has NO competition…


  • ???????????????????????

    Kelly’s body has ALWAYS been on point…

    However when it comes to raw sheer energy Bey win, eventhough, I would cry a thousand tears if I woke up with Beyonce’s body

    No, No, No to that ill built shape


    More ppl need to buy mags when they see a beautiful dark skin sista on the cover. The white media says dark skin wmn don’t sell covers. Well prove them wrong. In my opinion beauty doesn’t come in 1 color or 1 shade of black.

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