Agree Or Disagree: Game Thinks Ashanti Has Amazing Vocals And Nicki Minaj Is A Force To Be Reckoned With…

- By Bossip Staff

Game has been hitting the studio hard with Dr. Dre. Just in the past couple of months he has worked with Ashanti and Nicki Minaj. Aside from Nicki’s jolly rancher raps, we haven’t heard too much from Ashanti or Game.

One of Game’s most memorable songs is “Wouldn’t Get Far” where he calls Melyssa Ford out for driving a Honda Accord. Now he says he has some more major things happening and he recently just a meeting with Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg…

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  • bobo

    Meet genuine successful, independent men who want to share their success and wealth with an attractive, sophisticated lady at S e e k i n g A f f l u e n t c O m

  • nastradamus

    na me be first

  • DanzeCaliBlud

    LOL @ Game! I remember his ‘How We Do’ freestyle where he dissed Ashanti…..
    I’ll go with Ashanti’s drift but to hell with NICKI! Ashanti is someone you can bring home to mama and her music…..cant say the same about the other chick.

    Hell at least Shany came with her own style and made history with her first album! Nicki’s album going triple plastic.

  • DanzeCaliBlud

    @Marquis de Sade

    Do you have any respect for women AT ALL???????

  • Lisa

    The Game has clearly been smoking on some good stuff if he believes Nicki and Ashanti are “all of that”. Nicki is pure garbage and Ashanti is a studio artist. I heard her live before and it was horrific!

  • Brina

    I agree with Game Ashanti does has amazing vocals.. I am a big fan of Ashanti n can’t wait for her new album.. Love her..

  • Marquis de Sade


    If you consider this Minaj or Ashanti, women, mayhap, you should direct that question to yourself, eh?

  • memchee


    His azz musta been high….putting ashanti and amazing vocals in the same sent!!!

  • rain

    I”M with you guys,that Minaj chick is pure garbage,ashanti mmmmm no comment

  • Bored-with-it-all

    Ashanti’s pretty face got this dude confused, She’s good with the pen and the pad and that’s about it, her stage performance is the worst and her vocals are Ciara, Mya, Keri Hilson level, so they must be amazing too.

  • Moneybags

    The Game is right Ashanti can sing. An I like Nicki shes alright with me. Both ladies are doing their own thing.

  • allyson

    I LOVE GAME!!!!!!!! hottest guy ever and my fave rapper!

  • shay

    I’m with game. I think Ashanti can sing. Love her.

  • Mock Rock Star

    I think he’s just trying to put his name back out in the industry

  • bay areas finest

    The Game tryna b slick, somebody said earlier he just tryna get into Ashanti clothes is on point! The Game always looks upset I can’t see him giving anybody a sincere compliment without motive!

  • Tiff

    Ashanti definitely cannot sing! She tries and I think she can actually do a great job if she weren’t so lazy, but she needs to just let it go and focus on writing songs and being behind the scenes. Nicki is just a character!

  • RedboneKillBill

    Why is anything that comes out of the Game’s mouth important. I swear name dropping even when he aint rapping, pure talent NOT!

  • Reality

    @ every one Minaj is pretty in a very bizzare curvaceous way, wouldn’t take her to mom though. Now miss Ashanti might be iffy in live delivery on stage, but to moms house ” yes we can” go đŸ™‚ game rapping well the west needs help this century.

  • Imma Star

    Nicki Minaj is already played out…

    Ashanti MUST reinvent herself to even have a chance bc what she brought before aint hittin on _*^(%!

  • Leon

    Ashanti – amazing vocalist noooo!

    I have seen her live and all she does is mumble and try to pose and walk all cute cross stage. She hits notes off key- she lip synchs off key too.

    Murder INC. Murdered Her career

  • Black Dymond

    All Yall Stop hatin on Nicki, she’s tha business. But drake is all played out and ugly too.

  • CC

    Uhh No to both of those comments from The Game… Sorry

  • leah

    ashanti u need to keep from around these guys dre already sacrifice his son for fame

  • leah

    keep from around these guys u will end up like aaliyah damon dash used her as a sacrifice despite he lose the riches and u already know irv gotti wanted 2 use u as a sacrifice and dre sacrifice his own son and showed no remorse cmon get away from those guys! not worth it!

  • Lovely


    You would think after speaking with Professor Griff she would learn her lesson!

    And I agree with everyone saying she sound horrid live! Lol I too am I victim

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