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After Arizona followed their usual suit of the old-white-retirees passing a bill that allows One-Time to stop anyone and ask for their papers… the Mexican people in Phoenix started rioting. President Obama has already stated that this bill undermines equality and promotes racism:

It is official, SB1070 is now State law and it will be effective 90 days after the current legislative session ends. The initiative was signed Friday by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, despite President Obama’s criticism who this very morning called it “misguided” and irresponsible, while instructing the Justice Department to examine its legal frame.

Until the last minute, hundreds of opponents demanded Brewer to veto it and protested outside the state Capitol claiming the new law would lead to civil rights and human abuse. In reaction, Brewer said challengers were “overreacting,” while making clear that racial profiling won’t be tolerated.

“We in Arizona have been more than patient waiting for Washington to act […] but decades of inaction and misguided policy have created a dangerous and unacceptable situation,” the governor said after signing the initiative.

Earlier, during a naturalization ceremony for active duty service members in the Rose Garden of the White House, and in a clear reference to Senate Bill 1070, president Obama said it undermines fundamental notions of equality.

“That includes, for example, the recent efforts in Arizona, which threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe,” Obama said.
After the bill had been signed, a small riot broke out in the streets of downtown Phoenix, when the group protesting against SB1070 got into a fight with a man who supported the controversial immigration bill. Things calmed down moments later, after riot Police restored the order.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus and immigration advocates have claimed the new immigration law will promote racism; supporters say it will boost success of law enforcement agencies in their combat against illegal immigration in Arizona, the nation’s busiest doorway for human and drug smuggling.

Meanwhile Mexico’s Senate has warned the new law would impact cross-border relations and unanimously passed a resolution urging Brewer to veto the law.

Black people… if you don’t think this bill affects you, than you have another thing coming! It affects ALL minorities.

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