Rihanna And BFF Melissa Have A “Color Purple” Moment…

- By Bossip Staff

Rihanna is known for using her body as a canvas with her ump-teen tattoos. Apparently when she got her latest one, so did her bff. Melissa’s tattoo was notice while these two were bopping around Sydney…

Flip the Lid for a Peek

Never a failure, always a lesson…

Awwww… Isn’t that cute!!! Same thing tatted on Rihanna’s chest. We can’t help but think of Celie and Nettie when we see these two… *singing* “You and Me Must Never Part Maki-Da-Da”!!!

Rihanna in the April Issue of Italian Vanity Fair:

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  • Man, I just don't care™

    They make a beautiful couple!

    BLACK ♥!

  • fall

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  • DarkStarJa

    Not First!!!

  • B3 Fearless

    @ MIJDC

    I was thinking the same thing as far as them looking more like a couple than best friends. 😀

  • bluekid

    I like Rihanna nose job, it looks really nice. Rihanna still getting that army message out there. Listen up people!

  • Man, I just don't care™

    “I was thinking the same thing as far as them looking more like a couple than best friends.”

    Yeah, I think Melissa is the “man” in the relationship. They are beautiful together. Hopefully Rihanna will embrace this side of her and not try to hide it.

  • lferrell

    I can see them being a couple


  • bluekid

    So you think Rihanna is coming out of the closet??? Good for her!

  • S

    I knew the comments I would read when I scrolled down. We black folks always gotta give things a homosexual slant when there is none. SMH.

  • Man, I just don't care™

    “So you think Rihanna is coming out of the closet??? Good for her!”

    She been tryin to creep out slowly but I think she goin jump out this year!


  • http://www.myspace.com/870bg Bg (Call the Amber Lamps)

    They make a beautiful couple!

    BLACK ♥!
    It’s so natural!

  • Coren

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  • bluekid

    I can see why, she can’t have the man she wants Chris Brown and Matt Kemp is a cheater and Melissa has always been there for her. Makes since!

  • bluekid

    Melinda, I don’t know any black woman that walk around holding hands, NONE!
    We walk side by side, but we don’t hold hands, maybe in the islands that is natural for black woman who are friends to do so. I got yet to see it anywhere else.

  • that one girl

    Her friend looks Nigerian.

  • bluekid


    Where is MockRockStar? LOL

  • thrasher

    Those pics are PHENOM!! Now THAT is photography…

  • !!!!!


  • Omar

    ^^^^where is the humor? im lost

  • juliemangp

    Love ri ri’s hat/’fit!!!

  • http:chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco

    She’s good at modeling!

  • Curious1

    I am getting sick of singers becoming these models..or trying to act when they are NOT trained or professionals….are there no real models/actors left..

    I’m having a “mad” at the world moment right now…lol..

    I evidently have a broken Gay-Dar…again..because I don’t get that kinda vibe…off just them “holding hands” maybe they were trying to stick together to weed thru all that sea of paparazzi..trying not to stumble..

    but what the hayle do i know..nor do i really give a dang a dang…

    Whatever makes that itch get scratched…scratch it…

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    Do we even care?

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  • Hmmmm


  • bluekid

    @The Hoe, thanks for making me relevant, because the truth about your Hoianna is being found out people are going to let you know just how the feel about the Illuminati w.h.o.r.e Rihanna.

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